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Comment Re:FOIA isn't meant to support a business model. (Score 1) 139 139

Why "ride the coattails" rather than "stand on the shoulders of giants"?

Is it so terrible that someone might benefit from someone else's work? That multiple eyeballs see the same info, multiple brains ponder meaning, multiple voices tell its story?

Attempting to protect exclusivity with public information is not the right answer.

Comment Re:Info should be Releases When Produced (Score 3, Insightful) 139 139

Good idea in theory, non sustainable in practice. There's just too much information generated daily; the cost of hosting would be overly high and I bet the UI for navigating it would be horrid.

The current process is nominally OK, less the fact that only one person benefits from the work of retrieving it. Once found, it should be free for all.

Comment Re:FOIA isn't meant to support a business model. (Score 3) 139 139

And waste more taxpayer money forcing a public employee to go through all the work again?

Free for one, free for all. Putting in the initial request is performing a public service, not something proprietary.

If the process is a "maze", that suggests a process improvement to be made, not an excuse to privatize public information.

Comment FOIA isn't meant to support a business model. (Score 4, Interesting) 139 139

FOIA is about releasing information held by public agencies to the public. We all "own" it, we have a right to see it, and if we ask, we can.

That's the public "we". Putting in a FOIA request doesn't make that information "yours" and a business model that depends on you adding an additional layer of secrecy is fundamentally flawed. The public has no interest in helping to maintain your flawed business model.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot could recover top spot from Reddit

So Reddit - where most veteran Slashdotters have been hanging out these days - is melting down, and for good reason.

I've been coming back here more lately.

But man, there's things that Reddit does better. No limit on mod points, for one. A better story queue mechanism for another.

Submission + - Reddit's Top Forums are Shutting Down to Protest an Admin's Removal->

Advocatus Diaboli writes: Some of the most prominent parts of the social media site Reddit are going dark in defiance of the removal of an admin who organized the site’s popular “IAmA” interviews with celebrities, politicians, and other people of note. The subreddit /r/IAmA was the first to go dark following the departure of administrator Victoria Taylor, a Reddit employee who was let go, according to the forum moderators. Taylor scheduled and ran many of the forum’s Q&As.
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