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Journal DG's Journal: Suspension Dynamics Calculator - Code Review Requested

So in anticipation of my upcoming jaunt to South Central Asia, I got to work writing a web-based version of my Excel Suspension Dynamics Calculator.


It's all in Javascript, and it works.

It's also butt-ugly, both on the coding and layout sides, but the intent was very much "get it working before making it pretty".

That, and I'm a perl guy. This Javascript stuff is new to me, so I took the brute force, copy-and-paste approach to coding it, rather than try and duplicate the elegant stuff I know how to do in perl.

But now that it is up, I'm interested in seeing what all y'all suggest for layout and code cleanup. And in particular, I'm interested in seeing a good way to do tooltips for the input fields.

So if you're a Javascript or CSS code monkey, have a look at my steaming pile of shite, and suggest ways to make it better. T'would be much appreciated.

And if you're a car guy (or girl)... you're going to want to see this.


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Suspension Dynamics Calculator - Code Review Requested

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