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SSH verifies the identity of both endpoints, and it's impossible to hijack the user's password even in case of MITM. But it's possible to do this if you intercept MySQL port (passwords are sent in the clear) and then you can probably use the gleaned password to do all sorts of bad stuff. Ditto for PostgreSQL.

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Detecting this race condition is the hard part. Once you identify it, it's fairly easy to fix it by adding explicit dependencies and/or locking.

The thing is, systemd really solves the root case of race conditions, by not depending on accidents of timing and detecting interdependencies automatically.

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There are no real reasons to wait for BIND9 to shut down gracefully. Abrupt shutdown might terminate ongoing zone transfers but they'd be resumed once BIND is again started.

But if you have something that should genuinely be restarted gently (like a in-memory database, for example), systemd supports that just fine:


It's stupid, but you CAN do it just fine. It simply makes no sense to do by default.

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You seem to cling to the illusion, don't you? Mother Theresa's charity got _billions_ in donations over its lifetime. More than enough to spend more than $50 million dollars on Mother Theresa's air travels alone. Which could have been enough to buy strong analgesics for those who really needed them (hint: not EVERYBODY in her Homes). And her organization also spent at least tens of millions on anti-abortion and anti-contraception propaganda.

Basically every study that tries to look into the matters in details comes to the same conclusion - she was a fraud and a fanatic. The most recent one:

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Here's an excerpt:

On principle, strong painkillers are even in hard cases not given. According to Mother Teresa's bizarre philosophy, it is "the most beautiful gift for a person that he can participate in the sufferings of Christ". Once she tried to comfort a screaming sufferer: "You are suffering, that means Jesus is kissing you!" The man got furious and screamed back: "Then tell your Jesus to stop kissing."

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There is a plenty of evidence ( ). And she REPEATED that quote several times, it's not disputed.

As for fucking context, she could have worked towards making opiates access easier. She didn't. And read the actual memoirs of sisters in her Homes, where 'joy' meant people screaming their lungs out from pain.

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Bull-fucking-shit. Painkillers are cheap, she could have easily afforded them for cancer patients. A fentanyl patch costs less than $3 and provides relief for a day. Morphine is even cheaper.

And others in this thread already gave you links to her exact words praising suffering.

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