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Comment Re: Ban ALL NUKES NOW (Score 2) 117

No. Getting acute radiation sickness is HARD. You have to really work to get it, even in cases of nuclear contamination. The first acute radiation sickness symptoms happen at around 1 Sievert. For comparison, the US lifetime irradiation limit for nuclear power plant workers is 0.2 Sv and two of the most irradiated worker in Fukushima received around that dose (though localized near their ankles) - and this is still 5 times less than the low threshold for acute effects.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 2) 565

It makes it more acidic because it draws out the bases into itself, which you then urinate out.

How? It's not possible chemically. Bases are negatively charged, so if you piss them away then your body will get charged. It's impossible, of course. Water can only _dilute_ the bodily fluids.

And never mind that the blood acidity is one of the most tightly controlled body parameters - you simply can't affect it in any measurable way by eating different kinds of food or drink (that is, until you get a SERIOUS metabolic disorder).

Comment Re:No, drinking soda != smoking (Score 1) 565

Uhm, I'm one of the soda "addicts" (I like the taste of Diet Coke). I have a stack of diet coke bottles near our fridge just for me and people can tell that I'm at my desk by the sound of opening Coke cans.

Yet my desk is clean, I don't have a single sticky ring or stain on it. I'm not overweight (anymore, wooh!) and I walk for 15 kilometers every day (thanks, Fitbit!). So please, check your stereotypes.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 2) 565

it's that it actively draws them out of your body. Drink it and your blood becomes acidic, leeching nutrients out of your bones and muscle tissue

WTF? Pure water does not make blood any more acidic or basic. It simply can not do it. In reality, drinking distilled water is OK - your body gets more than enough minerals with food to not care about a couple of milligrams of missing dissolved salts.

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