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Comment: Re:How does the quote go...? (Score 1) 267

by Cyberax (#48032367) Attached to: Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"
Well, my current mileage is 27600m on my Volt and the average economy is 90 mpg. I'd say that my Volt works just fine for me.

I'd switch to a purely electric car, but 60-90 miles is simply not enough. I'd say that 150 miles is the minimum amount for me and at 250 miles I'd be able to switch without any worries.

Comment: Re:Obj-C (Score 3, Insightful) 314

by Cyberax (#48008063) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Swift Or Objective-C As New iOS Developer's 1st Language?
Java is just as fast in the RealLife(tm) as C++. Or more exactly, I'll write a fast-enough Java application faster than you'll write a third of it in C++. And Python for efficiency? Don't make me laugh.

Swift right now is a slow toy with incoherent semantics (lambdas and no GC, really?). It has _NO_ real advantages over Rust as they both use the same LLVM ecosystem for the backend. And I don't get where you got the idea that Swift uses any kind of JIT, it's a strictly compiled language like Rust. Compile speed of Rust is excellent (it's self-hosting, so there's a fair amount of code to compile) and by now Rust's design is mostly finished.

But of course, as we know, Apple has invented programming languages.

Comment: Re:I bet Putin couldn't go to the moon (Score 1) 197

by Cyberax (#47988227) Attached to: Russia Pledges To Go To the Moon
It's incorrect. The first Vostok capsule had a lockout requiring Gagarin to enter a code to unlock the controls, because nobody was sure that humans in space won't go mad. As another precaution, the capsule was on a fast-decaying orbit. Fortunately, Gagarin felt just fine and unlocked the controls.

Comment: Re: I never thought I'd say this... (Score 1) 353

by Cyberax (#47940223) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Americans Shouldn't Subsidize Internet Service Under 10Mbps
Yeah, sure. And you also went to a local unsubsidized parish church, where you were taught by a totally unsubsidized teachers. And of course, you had to go uphill both ways through swamps and most definitely not by a public subsidized road.

Reality: you got it easy, going to a public school where you used a subsidized (by local and federal taxes) infrastructure. We as a society decided that having a universal literacy is worth the taxes. Even though in your cases you simply use all this wealth to spend your time writing inane racist blatherings. What's the difference?

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