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Submission + - Suggestion: Send Flowers To Europarl For Rejecting ACTA->

CrystalFalcon writes: Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge suggests we should send flowers to the 478 Members of European Parliament who voted to reject ACTA on July 4. Seeing as politicians rarely get a grain of appreciation, and apart from being a genuinely nice thing to do, such a show of love for doing the right thing could also have far-reaching beneficial effects as the next battles come. Citizens reaching out to policymakers in that way would be remembered.
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Submission + - European Parliament Presses For Final Vote on ACTA->

CrystalFalcon writes: The European Parliament has decided to not wait for a legal opinion on ACTA from the European Court of Justice, but presses for a final vote for or against it, possibly in as little as ten weeks. There is no more years-long delay: if we want to kill ACTA, the last chance is right just now.

If ACTA passes, the copyright and patent monopolies will be set in stone for the coming decades, just like happened with TRIPS. We need reform in these areas, badly, and therefore, ACTA needs to die.

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Submission + - Swedish MPs: Legalizing File Sharing Only Solution-> 1 1

CrystalFalcon writes: In the past week, the file sharing debate has exploded in Sweden, with numerous mainstream politicians finally having understood the issue. Last week, seven Swedish MPs wrote a prominent opinion piece saying that fully legalized file sharing is not just the best, but the only solution. Now, that number has increased to 13, and the issue seems to keep growing. Good summaries at TorrentFreak and P2P Consortium. Original opinion piece in English here.
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