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Comment: This would fix bait and switch adware games (Score 1) 199

by Andy_R (#46516501) Attached to: A Call For Rollbacks To Previous Versions of Software

It seems to be an increasingly common tactic for games developers to put out an advert-free game, wait for it to gain market share, then force an 'upgrade' that has no improvements at all, but is crammed with so many adverts that the game is barely playable. I deleted "4 words 1 picture" when it turned into "4 words, 1 picture, 1 full screen advert", but I would rather have kept the old, playable version on my phone.

Comment: Re:Who, not what (Score 1) 796

by Andy_R (#45841299) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Books Everyone Should Read?

Anathem rewards persistence, it's not an easy book to get into, but if you stick with it, you'll be taken on a seriously impressive journey. There's a strong chance you'll come out the other side thinking it's one of the best books ever written, and that Fraa Jad is... well, I can't say much without spoilers, but he's one of my favourite literary characters ever.

Comment: Re:200$ is fine (Score 1) 182

by Andy_R (#44996415) Attached to: The Difference Between Film and Digital Photography (Video)

Now is a not a good time to buy if you want to cover both stills and moving image with one machine, the inevitable convergence of the two devices hasn't quite happened yet, and we're on the brink of consumer 4K video being possible.

Give it a year or two and there will be truly convergent devices in all price ranges, and a glut of second hand non-convergent and/or non 4K devices on the market because rich people have rushed out and bought the shiny new stuff.

Comment: Re:Crowdfunding could be the future (Score 1) 112

by Andy_R (#44963047) Attached to: Gaming Legends Discuss Using Kickstarter For Their Next Projects

Kickstarter for video games is problematic, because it's not a nice easy 'do to this will cost that' system. For board games, it's great - the game is ready to be put into production and kickstarter lets the publisher fund the bit that needs to be paid out to a third party to make 1000 nice duplicates of their rough cardboard prototype. If demand is high, the quality and number of components can go up, if it's too low to make production worthwhile, then investors lose nothing.

For video games it's not so clear what overfunding achieves, since doing more adds complexity that will likely slow down delivery. High (say 500% +) levels of overfunding will either disappoint if the game cost it's original funding level to make and the developer pocketed the rest, or make the final product drastically different to the original plan.

This (coupled with the fact that I got roped into do some of the advertising for it) is probably why I've backed a boardgame and a wallet on kickstarter, and an album on Pledgemusic, but never a video game.

Comment: How cheap would the old one have to be? (Score 1) 381

by Andy_R (#44928491) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Another Stab At Tablets, Unveils Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro

No sign of a price cut on the old one here in the UK yet (and there's no hope in hell I would buy version 2 at list), but this got me thinking... how cheap would the old models have to be before I would pick one up?

The Pro, I'd probably take a look at if it was in iPad price range, but the RT... if it was in the £100 area? I'm still not sure. One thing's for sure, the keyboards are laughably overpriced. Here in the UK, at today's exchange rates, you'll have to fork out a cool $176.51 for the real keys one, and $104.30 for the squishy one.

Comment: Re:Depends on your hardware of course! (Score 1) 488

by Andy_R (#44917291) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow?

Actually, it seems to depend on your software a lot more than hardware. iPhone 4 users (like me) seem to get a speed-up if they regularly manually close background apps and tweak the settings to block uncessary GPS use, and a slow down if they don't.

My phone *seems* snappier at some things, but probably isn't. For example the unlock screen is noticeably more responsive, but that's probably because of the much bigger swipeable area, and the 'swipe a notification to launch the relevant app feature. The only noticeable slow down is the zoom animation when launching of leaving an app, but that's more thanoffset by the things that take a lot less taps than before, like turning off wifi.

The best feature for me is one that hardly gets mentioned in reviews; the ability to block contacts. No more 7:30 am text messages from the dumbass phone company telling me my bill is ready to view, and that idiot who can rarely dial his daughter's number correctly will finally be silenced. Considering the phone company wanted me to pay them half my line rental again to do this, getting it for free is a great deal.

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