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Comment Re:Who? (Score 2, Insightful) 535

While I think it's unfortunate that some innocents get caught in the crossfire, the toxicity of SJW culture is simply so damaging that I think the approach of not giving an inch is the only tenable one. Once you start coddling specific individuals by sanctions against other individuals you immediately start up the competition of the most offended, the community fractures into group politics and productivity rapidly dissipates.

There's no utility in being deliberatly uncivil unless it's necessary to get a point across, but as soon as someone starts requiring special snowflake status and demonstrates a sense of entitlement to special care for theirs or others feelings then they should get that discussion shut down asap. Allowing the SJW mindset to start festering will do much more damage than the cost of losing a few good developers.

(And it's hardly the first time Matthew Garrett has figured in an SJW context...)

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 271

You are confused as to what a government is. A government has the 'legal authority' to steal from me, to kidnap me and to murder me. No corporation has the legal authority to do that. A government uses mob power that it buys with promises to the mob at the expense of the people who are actually paying for all these promises. A government is a system that I will never see as anything but an evil collective whose purpose is to steal from me and if I try to protect myself from it then to kidnap me and maybe murder me.

A corporation does not have legitimate power to steal, kidnap and murder, unless corporations get that type of power, they are not governments. As to TPP making the power of corporations stronger, there are some issues with it and I voiced them in my original response to your question 'has anybody seen someone in favour of TPP'. I answered your question (got moderated down as always for saying anything on this site) but there it is.

Comment Re:I'm curious (Score -1) 271

I am against every form of government meddling in any form of business and individual lives of people. So I am partially for this deal, I am against the parts of it that strengthen 'intellectual property rights' nonsense. I am for removing government regulations from everything, so I am for this deal whenever any form of government power is reduced.

Comment Re:The article has it backwards (Score 1) 153

It would be quite interesting to know whether the decision not to install SCR was taken before the optimizations were done. Because that actually would be a plausible theory of why this happened that would jive with my experience of the automotive industry.

If it was basically one asshat manager saying that 'yeah, we're going to do this IN SOFTWARE without using SCR! And save MONEY!", then I can see exactly what happens next. Engineers go "good grief, what an ass, this is going to suck in most cases". Then they get to figure out basically any and every situation you can reduce effect and write logic to accomplish it until they reach required targets. And it just so happens that the idiots designing the benchmarks have produced benchmarks that look nothing like reality so of course they'll get completely different results than what happens when you're not driving the car under specific ideal conditions.

Of course, if that's actually it, then it's not even intentional fraud. And actually using those optimizations would be a good thing as they obviously do reduce emissions in certain conditions where power might not be needed, it's just that they should be using SCR as well. And the benchmarks should be updated to reflect real life situations.

Comment Re:Natural effects of a maturing field? (Score 1) 348

So long as companies have an easy route to cheaper labor, I can't see how any union/professional association is going to make a difference. Unless laws give such groups teeth, whether that's through some sort of enforced collective bargaining process, or through certification requirements, all this IT union would do is stand outside the gates and watch replacement workers from India flowing in.

Mind you, the minute you do have a professional association, that does mean certifications, which means that a lot of self-taught workers (like myself) could be screwed pretty badly unless some sort of a grandfathering mechanism is put in place.

Comment Re:Somebody Else's Problem (Was:Sandy Hook) (Score 1) 1148

The majority? Really? We know that of the last few public shootings, it's pretty damned clear the perps involved were lunatics. The closest I can think of to a sane mass shooter is Anders Brevik, and while obviously sane by any legal definition, was clearly a ideologically nutty narcissistic nutbar who had been sending out signals for years that he was a dangerous extremist.

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