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by Creedo (#45977283) Attached to: Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own
Jacques Cousteau had two close calls with oxygen toxicity in his early career. This prompted him to work with Emile Gagnan to develop the Aqualung regulator, based on a demand regulator Emile had designed for cars. To this day, the principles developed by Cousteau and Gagnan are still used in modern regulators. The Titan and Conshelf regulator lines, for example, even use the same parts as some of the classic regulators, like the Aqualung Royal Aquamaster. The design is solid and stable enough to be used for newly designed doublehose regulators as well.

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by Creedo (#45528681) Attached to: Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad
Everyone else passed out, exhausted from the hours of waiting. I was the only one left to hold vigil over my grandfather as he lay on his hospital bed. His breathing had degenerated into shallow gasps, like a motor stumbling and dieseling after the key is turned off. His eyes were open, blank and staring at a ceiling that he had long since lost the ability to perceive. No blinks anymore. No response. All through that night, I held his hand, knowing that the man I loved was already gone. It just struck me that it was so damned pointless. He was dead, and no one in the family had the wherewithal to let his body follow his mind. It was the epitome of thoughtless cruelty, both towards my grandfather and towards the family.

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I see what you are getting at, but I'm just not sure it is true, or at least, largely true. Perhaps your church is after nominal Catholics, but the majority of missions I was aware of were not shy about wanting to save church-going Catholics, as they considered it to be a heresy. Missions to the Philippines and South America were the most egregious. There was even a Spanish speaking church started in the local town I lived in which was focused on converting the local immigrant Catholic population. They were quite open about it, and the times that they worked the local prisons with the Catholics were interesting to say the least. Of course, the Catholics were trying just as hard to convert the Protestants, so I don't mean to give the impression that it was one sided. Both sides were "poaching," so to speak.

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There are some options in that area. Here is one:

However, you also have to overcome the occasional stupid rule. For example, my son was issued two books that his teacher told him they would not even crack open this year. Both were replaced with other sources(digital books and such), but state law dictates that they receive a physical book for these classes. So, the district is forced to buy and distribute(and maintain) books that they never actually intend to use.

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And evolutionists do not want students to think critically when it comes to evolution.

I wonder, how many of these evil "evolutionists" can you dig up who actually want less research and thought put into it by everyone involved?

Oh, and where I come from, they are called "biologists," not "evolutionists."

Cuts both ways, that knife does.

Apparently not...

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The two major branches of Christianity are on good terms right now

The Eastern Orthodox churches think that Catholicism and Protestantism are branches of the same heresy.

I would also note that, while the Catholic church is more monolithic in its belief structure, there are many, many branches of Protestantism which actively seek to convert and save Catholics. It is not by accident that many Evangelical churches sponsor missions in Catholic dominated countries.

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and if we weren't hopefully one of us would say something

There's the rub. You shouldn't have to hope that your actions in the workplace(or in public more generally) aren't misconstrued and that, if they are, your coworker feels comfortable enough to ask you to stop.

I would much rather live in a world we we can stop pretending our genitals do not exist.

And you think that ass slapping and chest bumps are going to accomplish this?

However, wouldn't it be nice to be able to chest bump a guy without fear that he would take it as a come-on because your breasts touched him, or do a football ass smack without connotation (unless it was desired as such)?

I would much prefer a work environment where people didn't feel the need to engage in locker room play, regardless of gender.

the fact that I called her cute, or female, or a dream girl adds rarity and value to her accomplishments in my opinion and does not detract from it

Well, one of those things is not like the others. But, ignoring that, why? Why do you think that that adds rarity and value? Is that not an implicit admission that you think that there is a general mutual exclusion between engineering accomplishments and being a cute female, and that the confluence of the two is a rare event?

that pseudo-feminist crap has echos of our overtly puritanical (and hypocritical) culture that would have us all asexual and demote sex just a bodily function

It has nothing to do with puritanism. If you want more women to engage in engineering, per your initial question, one thing that you need to do is to attack sexism, even latent sexism. Comments like "pseudo-feminist crap" in response to a mild criticism seem a bit defensive to me. You can engage in chest thumping on /. or you could engage in some introspection.

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Can anyone give me some really feasible use cases for this?

Sure. You have a ton of Arduino stuff already set up, and this is a new addition to the number of interesting projects you can play with. In my case, the original Gameduino was fun to mess around with as a learning tool, both for myself and my kids. In addition, I plan to use it as a general purpose display for other 8 bit projects. This version just gives us more to play with.

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