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Comment Re:Bugs mistaken as features? (Score 1) 126

Features like that wouldn't be so bad if there were a way to isolate their use. For example, ordinary Perl files could be .pl and not allowed to change the language. Perl files that mucked with the language in various ways would be required to have a .pld (Perl Language Definition) suffix. That way you could make rules like, "No PLD files in this project" or "only Joe has permission to change the PLD and you'd better have a damned good reason for asking him to change it".

There are legit reasons to modify the language, create DSLs and code in them, etc. It's just like how there are legit reasons to have Howitzers in the army, but you don't just turn them over to PFCs straight out of boot and say, "here, figure this out".

Comment Re:Energy Drinks (Score 3, Informative) 565

Yes, this. energy drink and Starbucks. People aren't drinking fewer caffeinated beverages, they're generally drinking stronger ones. Whether it's carbonated or not doesn't really matter.

My favorite commercial of course, is 5-hour energy. "Get five hours of energy with only 4 calories!" I got a news flash for those guys... calories == energy. No calories means it's a drug, not energy. I wonder if I could sue them for blatantly false advertisements?

Comment International harmonization? (Score 1) 108

AFAIK, in the US you can use "the best" but not "better than" unless you have a way to back it up. Thus, "the best beer" is OK, but "better than Bud" is not OK unless you cite some specific like, "beat Bud in a blind taste test".

Having different rules for different countries is probably going to give international ad campaigners some fits. That's the beauty of sovereignty though. Different systems, and we get to see what's workable in practice and what isn't.

Comment Re:Let's get this out of the way (Score 1) 447

Let's face it, what could possibly go right?

It could be a fantastic writing prompt for some would-be author. The next Great American Novel collaboratively written by a tight cadre, or perhaps written by a single hacker with multiple accounts. I'd like to see what Stephen King could do with a dozen accounts on this thing.

BTW, my first review of King will be, "great stories, but he keeps dying at 54".

Comment Suckage (Score 1) 95

High clouds likely, west coast so low on the horizon (good for superman effect if not clarity) but twilight (bad). Also a ridge to the east and I don't feel like driving because my car needs work. I might not see anything at all. If money were no object I'd drive a rental camper out into the Nevada desert.

Comment Do they still have the cardboard box? (Score 1) 246

Any other children of the 70s remember the big brown box? It came from some company; but I forget the name. Our school would get these every other month or so. They were full of basic science experiments for elementary aged children. There was one with seeds to sprout and instructions, for example. Another might have had some relatively safe chemicals in it. Then you'd do stuff with the chemicals like put water or vinegar on them. Perhaps based on some earlier lesson you'd then answer questions like, "is that an acid or a base?".

The opening of the box was always eagerly anticipated, and they usually brought in a teacher's aid or a parent volunteer to help with "experiment day" if it was something they thought might require that.

Comment XSS attack? (Score 1) 403

NoScript says there is a potential XSS attack there. That's really unusual. Usually all it does it block JS, so I'm not dropping anything to look at that. I don't think yimg is sketchy; but maybe they need to fix their shit, or maybe *you* are trying to pull something. I don't have this problem with any other major image hosting site. Your URL looks weird, with some junk and another URL in it. Figuring those thigns out is not my specific area of expertise, so I don't care to analyze it any further.

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