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by Cito (#46372681) Attached to: Open Source Brings High-End Canon Camera Dynamic Range Closer To Nikon's

I dont zoom much with it, the sweet spot is macro shots which I love

Rarely use zoom, I wanted bridge camera for DSLR ability with a built in 3 in 1 lens, bridges have telephoto, wide angle, macro sweet spots. Without buying 3 separate lenses.

So for my budget I get a DSLR type camera in the bridge camera
Which I use for macro photography and local newspaper freelance

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by Cito (#46371603) Attached to: Open Source Brings High-End Canon Camera Dynamic Range Closer To Nikon's

I use CHDK " Canon Hack Development Kit "
I opted for a bridge camera as I couldn't afford a full DSLR so the bridge gives me DSLR capability full manual, etc, and with chdk installed I get most all the toys magic lantern has plus ability to run 3rd party scripts in .lua or.bas, but without insane cost of lenses

I absolutely love my Canon Power shot SX40 HS with CHDK and shooting raw

Comment: I cut cable in 1999 been DSL ever since (Score 1) 424

by Cito (#46263291) Attached to: Time Warner Deal Is How Comcast Will Fight Cord Cutters

From ADSL to dsl2plus, now my phone company has upgraded to VDSL and its a small south east phone company that so far has never had usage caps or filters anything.

I've tormented 250-400 gigs per month which includes torrents as well as hosting a storage server for friends and family.

VDSL I have 22 megabit down / 2 megabit upload

I'll never switch to cable, one reason is in my town there is no cable alternative. The only cable TV is analog cable offered by city hall billed on utility bill, or satellite TV.

I chose neither my VDSL plus landline is $55/month. I dont own a cellphone as none of them will let me get one as I ruined credit when I was 18. I'm 37 and it strangely still follows me, sprint wanted $1500 deposit/ we dont have any AT&T towers nearby and verizon wanted $600 deposit.

But my town offers free 3 megabit wifi on 5 old cell towers so I use my nexus 7 and Skype for mobile calls, landline for all else.

I love VDSL and even if a cable provider came in town I'd still refuse to switch, as on VDSL I got 5 static IPS for 5/month and I've ran my own servers and connected my old ham radio repeater auto patch to my home phone to use as my own personal VoIP to landline service :-)

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by Cito (#46225479) Attached to: The Death Cap Mushroom Is Spreading Across the US

Yes, men do not fall for the trap. Women see it and start thinking of all the ways they can cook it in the kitchen. Women are obsessed with kitchens and all things food, look at Eve.

Men had it made, perfection, immortality, perfect body, great lawn, we could fart and scratch our balls on silky smooth perfect grass in Eden. But Eve comes along her "kitchen obsession" kicks in and she starts bringing back foods to feed Adam, fattening him up, she breaks the rules and Adam has to suffer consequences along side the woman.

I wouldn't be surprised if many many cavemen died, they returned home with fresh Sabertooth tiger meat, but the woman had tried foraging picking plants "as they do" and feeds caveman poison ivy/oak/sumac and wipes out all Neanderthals!

She's.... Yup damn she's

God created misogyny.

har har :-)

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by Cito (#46178645) Attached to: HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"

I agree, this new design fad of giant fonts "read more" cuts but you click read more and get ads with a skip this ad link ( I use adblock/noscript) but the design is still horrible.

Then everyone wants to have facebook/google plus/ share thumbs likes counters next to post so the counter is supposed to mean "see read this other people did so you should to!!!!"

Makes me wonder did these designers ever get told growing up " if your friends jumped off a bridge would you also?" As a lesson in thinking for yourself dont just do something blindly because other people do it.

But thats the problem, they can't think for them self they all keep copying each other and filling up the web page with giant font titles, tease you with first paragraph of article but slam you with ads if you click read more, and fill up all screen space with shares/thumbs up/like counters and adsense boxes, so giant title but with all rest of the bullshit you need magnifying glass to read the actual article because all screen space is full web 2.0/social shit and ads

Not every damn website has to be linked together. I do not want to use facebook or google to login to every site, that is a hack and invasion of privacy just begging to happen.

I hate to say it but damn I miss web 1.0 days, GeoCities/Angel fire/etc
The blinky and animated gifs were pain in ass but you got plain easy to read text, I'd take tags and gifs any day over share/thumbs up/likes counters and buttons read more cuts/and ad boxes filling sites.

Everyone thinks they deserve to make money off ads now days and sites suck... Back in GeoCities/Angel fire days we made websites out of the joy of it, the fun of experimenting and having a presence, we didn't do it for the money at least money wasn't the main reason, content was our main reason

Now days content is meaningless, its just copy/pasted from elsewhere, money is now the main reason, thus spam and giant titles and connecting all this shit to facebook and google because they want to trick as many people as they can to make them think they have clicked on content when they clicked ad instead tricking people into becoming shills to increase their ad click ratios

I could bitch forever about this, but it just ugly, annoying, and "rage quit" inducing

Comment: Between beta and new Torrentfreak we've learned.. (Score 1) 573

by Cito (#46170199) Attached to: HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"

That these new web designers must be ass burger thalidomide kids with ADD who design ui's with their flippers.

Leave shit alone, I left torrentfreak it did the same bullshit of giant fonts and social tie ins showing like counts/thumbs count/etc bullshit

Web 2.0 bullshit connecting every fucking website to Facebook likes, google plus's, shares and shit is fucking annoying

At this point I'd pay anonymous to hack and steal the domain , ddos, or rm -rf / the whole damn site if this keeps up

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