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Comment Homefront predicted it all in 2011 (Score 1) 246

Home front: Future History the controversial trailer which was originally edited and showed as "breaking news" on YouTube that caused a lot of complaints.

But in 2011 they did predict the future. The story was written by famed author John Milius, who also wrote Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn, first 2 Dirty Harry movies...

The atom bomb test to the satellite launch.

Now we wait for the EMP

Comment Cortana is the one guilty of sexual assault! (Score 4, Funny) 506

This article is backwards, and propaganda. The only one truly guilty of sexual assault is Cortana.

While you angrily curse at it for what she's doing, she "tactfully ignores you", "she refuses to stop"

Even though you have turned off all telemetry toggles and even edited the registry, and you've said NO! NO! NO! soooo many times. No means No! Yet Cortana continues to "Tactfully ignore your pleas, your anger, your rage" as you are being raped of your privacy, you web habits, your program installations, even keeps the microphone active as "Cortana" listens, and it has the ability to activate any webcams and send images direct to Microsoft.

Cortana is the rapist.

And she should be killed, stripped from the code, and code printed out then ran through a shredder and burned.

Cortana is the real sexual harasser, assaulter, rapist

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 575

ya know... that would be a wicked money maker for us older generation x geeks :P

Cray set aside 1 team and develop some nice tablet with a couple expandable nano ssd slots for upgrading storage. nice array of usb 3/esata port, just to be a bit unique and then they could create a linux based gpl based "mimic" unicos :P

they'd have an easy time marketing it :P

supercomputer manufacturer releases a tablet for the 'geeks', 2 options, their preinstalled os, or no os, and you can install whatever you want and you get the fun of making all of it work and configuring everything :)

anyhow some strange reason when I read your post the idea of Cray releasing a mobile device popped in my head and was funny.

Or even better, whoever bought the Silicon Graphics name, build a tablet/notebook using that name and sell them as "nostalgia" niche market with the slogan "hack the gibson" referencing the faux Silicon Graphics Laptop that was in the movie Hackers :P

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 1) 315

Maybe so.

I am getting older though so gaming isn't anywhere near important to me as it once was.

Hell my first mmorpg was "Meridian 59" ha!

I began in computers at age 11, and have had the tandy 1000, trs80, commodore, amstrad, amiga, the original ps2 (ibm ps/2) that is :P

I'll be 40 later on this year, as a gen x'er I grew up in the era you HAD to know how to program to get your computer to do anything, otherwise it was a boat anchor pretty much, especially in deep south where only software was "PC Home and Office computing" magazine subscription that for a "centerfold" had 2 sometimes 3 programs, usually 2 games and a utility app in basic you had to copy and write in manually.

Was really great times.

I enjoy rpg's though, I put in 240 hours in witcher 3, and have about 180 so far in da:i, they are my favorite. If they go away then my desktops will be for work only as I am a programmer that got lucky enough after 15 years I'm finally able to work from home and make enough to pay bills with debugging work, bug bounty, and random projects where indie companies will hire "temp" workers.

And being in small town I've got the city contract on the city hall network/police dept network/public library network upgrade/repair/etc.

Took damn long enough to get to where I'm my own boss, work from home at least enough to pay the bills, and put a little bit into savings monthly.

If games stop supporting windows 7 and there is no linux equivalent, then I'll game on my android tablet.

The only 3 gaming consoles I have ever owned and still do are a 1979 pong, an Atari 2600, and original nintendo that needs some repairs or swap out the cartridge connector as it bugs out a lot.

I've been one of the stereotypical "anti console" folks dub "pc master race" jokingly. I guess thats it, I just loathe walled gardens. It's why in early 90's after I was running my own BBS with Fidonet support we got local numbers for Compuserve/Prodigy but I had a SLIP dialup account with my college.

btw configuring SLIP dialup in Windows 3.11 could be enough to put you in an insane asylum :P I was so glad when PPP became the go to method. But eventually MCI offered PPP dialup direct to internet, no walled garden and it was before AOL released the "noobs" to the internet, ha!, as they were still stuck in the walled garden.

Anyhow im nostalgic rambling, excuse me, I could ramble forever being a reclusive hermit :P

Point is, I've seen things come and go, protocols obsolete...

For example Banyan Vines networking prior to the popularity and ease of tcp/ip, configuring that was a beast, and the assholes charged extra for tcp/ip support:

or pppoe replacing pppoa, etc.

So if games stop supporting windows 7 then I'll game on linux / android tablet or play the classics while I write my own for nostalgia purposes. :P

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 2) 315

That's why my gaming pc I still run windows 7

it's being patched till 2020, by that time it'll be obsolete but it's overkill at the moment

x79 chipset intel core i7 3960x
32 gigs ram
2 x evga 670 ftw editions sli
ssd system drive
wd black hdd for game installs

I should be fairly good to go with windows 7 for a while longer. At most perhaps a video card upgrade in a year or so.
then 2018 I'll start rebuilding new game pc :P
I always try to build one to last 5 years so i tend to go overboard, but all my past systems had been AMD, and my 2 linux boxes are my 2 previous 'game' boxes the oldest is a fileserver with bunch of hdd's tossed in as a home "cloud". And my previous is debian/browsing/etc while im gaming on main screen.

I may go back to amd to save money cause when I built this x79 system I bought it when the cards and chips were brand new so it ran me around $1850

Im definitely not taking this to windows 10. Once this pc gets replaced in 2018/19. It will be reinstalled with linux and by then I may just stick with steam on linux gaming.

I really think windows 7 will be my last microsoft OS. Unless someone at microsoft gets head out of ass which I doubt will ever happen.

Comment The actual problem is CERN (Score 1) 187

The activation of the Large Hadron Collider with full power this past year has ripped a hole in the space time continuum and has been jumping the planet forwards in time by nanoseconds, now milliseconds. If the rift is not contained it will eventually grow exponentially from seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries, millenniums to eventually eons, and may forward us in time past the moment of when Sol had collapsed killing us all!!!

Comment This may have delayed the apocalypse! (Score 1) 442

If they weren't blocked we would have hit a real world recursive fork bomb that would have locked up the universe forcing a reboot since we'd be unable to /etc/init.d/universe restart

Ads which block Adblock who blocks Ads which block Adblock who blocks Ads which block Adblock who blocks Ads which block Adblock who blocks Ads which block Adblock who blocks Ads which block Adblock who blocks Ads which block Adblock who blocks Ads which block Adb¾}RÂJűÂtÂ'TTÂ`ŽU Ââï½tÅlÅ"OÃx. }uwÃXm¾/Æ'ÃsÃbÂâ¦8\ÂÂUÃ"LÂPÃ(ËoeÃS~yno¦}Ãn]Â#Âl;˱4Z`ÃâIÂÂfÃnÃSæÃNÃÃÃ%Âp\nÃBAt)DÂâsÂÃ--Ã--Åp~%émÃsgÂÃÃ--ÃuÂÃÃÃ"ÃÂ7®ÂÃ"ÃÃflîÂÃÂÂÃOEýÅ"`! ÃOEHDþx_hmÃcÃ'oâÃsÂJÃ'¼'-ÃÂ+5ÃfÃ2ÃÅ"ÃAÃâËâÂ¥eþ_ÃÃoe5bËoeÂ¥âxU¦bÃf(9®âzÃ¥ÂZâÃzÃz:âÂ(KÃSÂâoe Ãz5ÃÃÃÃ'ÂÅÅ"ÂÃ...pÃÂR
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Comment Help us save IE6! Sign the Petition (Score 1) 250

Petition to save IE6!

IE6 has been the victim of false and misleading accusations all over the web, such as complaints about its compatibility with web standards. This is simply the confused ramblings of a vocal minority. After all, how can IE6 be violating standards when it has essentially BEEN the standard for years?

The SaveIE6 campaign is all about showing the world the benefits of using the web browser IE6. There are currently too many browsers with too many unnecessary features. They are hard to use and render web sites badly and inconsistently. Contrast this with IE6â(TM)s proven technology and well-documented behavior.

Please support the SaveIE6 campaign and help make the internet a better place!

You can help out here:


Comment This article is full of b.s. (Score 0) 277

There was no need to reverse engineer anything. cp/m isn't some lost system and you can even boot it up on today's pc's or in a virtual box. There are also free programs to open any cp/m files.

You can buy usb floppy drives for 8", 5.25", 3.5" sizes for archiving, extremely cheap, like $10-$20. There are MFM utilties to read damaged disks, as floppy drives are MFM based. Very easily done. It's not anything to brag about, a child could do it.

And here's all the free files, boot cp/m, or open any cp/m file, text, etc.

the article is bullshit sensationalism lies.
no reverse engineering required, I hate fucking liars.

has anyone seen South Park?

This is a fucking advertisement for drivesavers, doing shit EXPENSIVE for what there are FREE TOOLS online you can do yourself.

Ads as articles, Fuck you slashcunt

Comment Re:What? (Score 3, Informative) 325

Wikipedia admin accounts are bought and sold, and high end editors with more than X amount of edits get paid to post.

They get paid to edit and add bias, remove defaming info, add defaming info.

add SEO, by creating a "pseudo source" on a webserver that a webmaster wants to boost the pagerank on, they'll create a professional looking article with circular cited sources so you are in a long chain of sources that will eventually link back on itself.

these get cited often as source in articles when they are fake sources, just used to boost SEO on a website.

Here's just a few examples proving Wikipedia is useless, and only used to add/remove specific info, add bias that's not easily detected with logic fallacies, typical propaganda tricks.

Paying $1 per edit:

Hiring a few different editors (various accounts from different ip's to look legit) to modify articles:

Wikipedia admin selling services:

Hiring editors to make edits:

There's thousands of links on that one site, then other sites as well.

"Paid to write wikipedia articles" is supposed to be against the rules, but you can find thousands, most even include usernames, but wikipedia don't really give a shit. unless you are a new account of course, if a 1 day old account writes a really good article you get banned. The reason for banning is they accuse you of being a professional or paid writer since they think no brand new account can write a complete article including sources by themselves so the admin accounts are bought/traded/ even hired out as well as editors of all levels that have a successful history.

Getting paid to edit wikipedia for leading companies:

moral of story, never use wikipedia, it's all a facade of ads.
like southpark this past season, it's a "cloaked" ad. :P

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