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Comment I'll pass since none of the originals are doing it (Score 2, Insightful) 50

Brand new voices for the robots,

New host, kid from Nerdist?


I don't want some millennial sjw/PC bullshit,

bring back the original voices or stick with rifftrax and don't bring it back.

The original anti-political correct crew was best. I'm not supporting this fake mst3k, and yes it's fake if it's new host, all new robot voices, it's not mst3k.

Comment Re:I hate social media (Score 3, Insightful) 199


Yea, I was thinking up some humorous opposite to social media. Every website is now tied into Facebook and Google plus with share and plus and thumbs up icons, that track users every move online. And the use of tracking cookies so once you ever return to site they get a history where you went.

Social media is the culprit that allows spying like NSA does, how folks get doxxed, etc. It's my opinion websites should have never fell for the trap adding Google analytics code, Stay counter, Facebook, Google plus, double click, twitter, etc

Since every single site is connected back to Facebook, Plus, Twitter

You don't need to get access to other site's logs, you got all the federal, tracking cookies, every single site a user has surfed daily can be logged.

So my satire on the antisocial media. I wish these sites would all unlink from social sites. Remove Facebook, analytics, stay counter and double click tracking which all are even here on Slashdot.

I already use adblock with 5 blocklists for various things from tracker blocklists , ad lists, social media blocking, anti adblock blocks, then noscript, then greasemonkey plugin script running 'antiAdblock killer'

Just to get a look at content like we had in 90s.

I see the web like a newspaper if I want to cut out an article and toss rest in trash, or pull the comics out and toss rest in trash I can.

Web site owners want the freedom to do what they want on their sites, which is fine, but they scream and cry and don't want users to have freedom to use the web how the user wants. To those site owners that's why I say "fuck off"

And my idea for Antisocial Media Web 3.0 :-P

Comment I hate social media (Score -1) 199

We need a rise in the original web again.

The era of Antisocial Media!

instead of bookmark/share/like/thumbs up/plus/etc
the browser just needs a location bar to type your url's
a reload button, back button if ya want (make it optional).
and on the right [Fuck Off] button.

Antisocial Media, clicking [Fuck Off] instantly takes you off the web page you were viewing, clears cache/cookies and permanently firewalls it's address so you can't ever go back to it.

Friend sends you link with "cool story bro"
you find it's shit, then click "Fuck Off" button to permanently firewall it.

add this new feature into all internet and non internet applications.

Email - conversing with friend but you've just had enough? click [Fuck off] permanently filters all future emails from person to /dev/null

Photoshop - editing photo for someone, they keep pestering you wanting more and more, click [Fuck off] it deletes the image and blocks any future image with that same filename/exif data from being opened.

It goes one step further than "adblock"
Just add that [Fuck Off] button to all future applications it bans, deletes, and blocks any of it from ever being reopened, reused, reseen, etc.

But some of you say, "But Cito, can't we just remove the addresses from the blockfile it creates? Fuck off, we add each blocked address/file/location/user/etc and we insert it randomly into various config files already in your system. Encrypted and once encrypted the key is deleted. You won't know which file goes to what thing you clicked [Fuck Off] on. And each time you click [Fuck Off] it picks a new random file in the system to insert the encrypted info into at a random line.

AntiSocial Media Web 3.0

Someone gimme a million dollars investment, this thing's got legs! Or Fuck Off. :P

Comment Very easy if you fly, 3 letter code on ticket (Score 1) 400

If you get a plane ticket and it's has the 3 letter code SSSS
then you are on list to be pulled aside for special screening.

But this watchlist is kinda arbitrary. got a couple cousins that work for TSA, of course it's easy to infiltrate TSA as they hire anyone when there's openings. Even highschool dropouts work for TSA minimum wage.

Anyhow they've fucked with assholes before by tossing them in the list so any future plane tickets they ever purchase will be tagged SSSS

SSSS = the new "SS" hehe

but yea you see this: http://i.imgur.com/Ns42bla.jpg

you are on watchlist.

here's wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

But TSA can add you to it to troll you.

I heard one story woman kept snapping at them to hurry, and was being rude. They know everyone hates TSA, they even hate it, but only thing that was hiring at the time.

There's about 7 or 8 in his area and woman just kept tossing insults.

so after she got through, they added her to the SSSS list. So any airport and any airline she will be pulled out of line for special secondary searches.

There are also tales of TSA trolling sports figures, wwe wrestlers and some celebrities, and filmmakers like michael moore/morgan spurlock and adding them to the watch list :P

michael moore had a huge bitch session on his blog long ago after finding out he's on the tsa list.

but thats just the TSA watchlist.

there are other lists, NSA/CIA/FBI/ATF/etc... dozens of alphabet pigs

Comment This is why I remain loyal to DSL, at least mine. (Score 1) 622

I've had dsl from the beginning when the fastest they offered here was 1 megabit down / 384k up.

few years went by and they upgraded to adsl2plus offering 3 tiers
3 megabit down / 768k up
6 megabit down / 768k up
12 megabit down / 1 megabit up

unlimited of course. And for the power users you could order a 2nd 'naked dsl' line and with your own or buy or rent from isp you could get bonded bringing the max to 24 megabit down / 2 megabit up.

it sat like that for about 5 years. We have comcast locally and every month a new doorknob flyer hung from my front door advertising comcast.

The doorknob ad was a direct attack to the telco, and it even claimed "Unlimited data" then a tiny asterisk by Unlimited. haha!

Now my provider has rolled out VDSL2plus. The new 3 tiered service is on 1 single line.

25 megabit down / 5 megabit up
50 megabit down / 10 megabit up
100 megabit down / 25 megabit up

and the nice thing the prices are only $3 higher than the 3 tiers in dsl2plus was.

We also get free newsgroups access with account. Which most cable isp's stopped doing that long ago. Back when I worked netops dept at a dialup isp in 1998 to early 2000's when we got our CLEC and moved to DSL service. We also offered free newsgroup access, back then we used Giganews of course but we ran a local caching server for them also to help cut costs.

So far in all these years my provider keeps swearing they'll never add caps. I know it could happen, anything is possible.

I was on 12 megabit for 5 years and my monthly usage across my lan, which is setup a little funky, but it's dsl modem-> linux box that is my router, runs nat/firewall/upnp support/etc, then off the switch I have a wireless access point for tablet/laptop.

between all my devices I average 380-418 gigabytes per month when i was on 12 megabit.

I'm on 50 megabit vdsl2+, I just barely qualify for 100 megabit range, but I just went with 50 as it's more than enough for just me, and i didn't want to add another 25 bucks to bill just now.

since upgrading to vdsl2+ 50 megabit dn / 10 up, my useage did go up a little Im now averaging 402-460 gigabytes/month total useage

that's gaming pc, fileserver i tossed all old and new hard drives in so it's got 6 internal hard drives, 3 external usb hdd's and 1 esata external hdd so about 10-12TB storage "overkill" but i just tossed everything i had into the fileserver box. It runs rtorrent/rutorrent web front end to control from any device on lan.
drives shared to stream to any device on lan.

then the other linux box which is pretty much used as just a router. built using a mini case, it also auto downloads ad block lists so ads are blocked at my router, therefore blocked across all devices on lan.


So my traffic is mainly netflix, torrents, and gaming. occasional video chat/voip/random junk.

Still today they stay unlimited. They even offer bonded vdsl2+ so if you can qualify for 100 megabit well you can get 200 megabit bonded vdsl2+

but they are testing 2 gigabit to home services in 1 market up north. Dunno which one will win, but
G.Fast uses copper like DSL. They don't have to run fiber to the house but for 1 gigabit speed the distance is 100 meters or less to the fiber.

G.Fast is still being "researched/tested"

the other option of course is like Fios.

It will probably be 5-8 more years before gigabit comes to town here. If they stick to their "promises".

Most non AT&T DSL services are unlimited though.

seems only cellular and cable internet use caps.

seriously if ya want unlimited DSL see if your town has VDSL2+ from the Telco. It's solid as a rock and very low ping times. I get 8ms pings to google.com

and I love free newsgroup access :P

Comment Re:Another example of bloat (Score 1) 309

It's true I've had no game give me trouble. I just felt after the 700 series up to 900 series now the Titans, I felt my evga 670 ftw edition was about 4 generations old , but I'm still gonna wait until prices drop before I get a 900 series.

My Linux box I use as a file server/torrent box I put my old nvidia 9800 evga in it for better Xwin but I don't really use Xwin much the Linux fileserver has 6 hdds inside and 4 external hard 3 USB and 1 esata, all drives shared on LAN so I can stream movies to tablet, raspberry pi on LCD by bed, etc ;-)

My family never knows what to get me for christmas or birthday so i say cant go wrong with external usb or esata hdd. So now i got 4! Lol

Comment Re:Another example of bloat (Score 1) 309

On I thought maybe the 670 was getting a little "old"

I just run the 1 evga ftw 670

But you're right, I've not had any problems at all on new games.

I just felt since the 700 series to 900 series now Titans are out I started feeling my 670 "sounded old"

Not that I'm upgrading real soon, I was thinking I might have to upgrade in the near future, but I'd like that 900 card but I'm not paying that price this soon, when I got my 670 ftw edition I paid lie 400+ but it was new the first of the 700s just came out when I got the 670

I guess I'll be OK then for a while longer on the 670


Comment Re:Another example of bloat (Score 1) 309

My gaming PC is pretty nice, although it's time to upgrade the graphics card.

Intel Core I7 8 core 3.6ghz overclocked to 4ghz with a corsair water cooler

32 gigs ram, low latency "gaming" ram

320 gig Solid State hard drive as the system "boot" drive

2TB Western Digital Black Hard drive for gaming/installs.

EVGA FTW Edition GTX 670 (the ftw editions are factory overclocked)

I haven't had ANY issues with any games Yet, but I know that graphics card needs upgrading soon.

but Witcher 3 on max I get 80 fps average, with some ups and some downs based on where im at.

Grand Theft Auto 5 I get that solid 60 fps at max settings, with the vsync and such.

Ive stayed on windows 7 though.

Comment I admit I did this for about a year for extra cash (Score 5, Interesting) 125

I did reviews, blog comments, forum posts, and such for extra cash for almost a year.

There are companies that even pay forum commenters to try and argue a specific point. They even give tips how to get a poster with an opposing view that argues with you banned, with tricks to use to make the debate go from heated argument to using certain arguing tricks to incite the opponent into raging and cursing/name calling/etc, then get them suspended or banned thus making you look the victor in spreading a company or organization's propaganda even if you don't believe it yourself.

For example you may hate Jews, or Scientology, or Coke, or Apple, Microsoft, lists go on and on and on...

But even though you hate them, you can get paid to post pro-propaganda in a real non bot post and they give you talking points on stirring up controversy and making the thread popular and arguing with those against your side.

Toward end, when I moved from fake reviews and 5 stars, and did paid forum posts I was arguing with posters that I personally agreed with but to get paid had to "act" like I truly believed the shit I wrote. And I personally got 3 people suspended and banned by inciting them into raging. I decided it wasn't fun anymore spreading bullshit and getting paid to practically troll.

Forums they target are from news comment sections to kooky conspiracy forums like abovetopsecret.com, Slashdot, Reddit, Somethingaweful (once you've proven to be a good poster the company will buy your membership into some forums), list goes on and on.

And using Tor to create multiple accounts for creating a virtual opponent so you actually debate yourself, but just enough to bait others into it, or you wind up winning your "fake debate" with yourself.

Here's just a few examples of companies that act as the "middle man" to the corporations, organizations, and charities that pay forum posters to push specific agendas. And yes Jewish lobby is a gigantic user of these services to attack and try to get any antisemitism banned or thread locked, and political parties,SJW groups, to brand loyalty and etc. It would blow your mind how many posters on your favorite sites are actually paid shills while they may argue with you, they honestly agree with you, they get paid to incite, debate, and spread viewpoints.


That's just a tiny tiny sample. But they are middle-men that way the true companies, organizations, charities have deniability of using paid shills.

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