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Comment: Re:No shit Sherlock (Score 1) 338

even if its as simple as stopping the massive amounts of emissions

In what way would deindustrialization and the attendant five-billions deaths be considered "simple". Heck, I'd bet there'd be some political push-back on your idea after as few as one-billion deaths.

Considering that climate engineering would cost us only a tiny fraction of cost of deindustrialization -- and has a chance in hell of actually working -- it's the approach we should be taking the most seriously.

Comment: Re:Won't work (Score 3, Insightful) 342

The way I see it, you can eliminate the advantages of HFT while keeping the markets highly responsive by imposing a "clocking" scheme on exchanges. When an order is received by an exchange, it is not executed immediately but stored in a queue to wait for the next clock tick. When that comes, the order queue is shuffled into random order and then executed sequentially. Make the clock ticks wait a random period between 40ms and 50ms and any timing advantage of HFT or geography is nullified. The exchanges are still highly responsive; they just do randomized batch processing. All of the requests they receive in the previous clock period ought to be processed within the new clock period (with perhaps some occasional spill-over, in which case the new clock tick is stretched).

Comment: Re:And the US could turn Russia into vapor (Score 1) 878

I think you're drastically overstating it. If Russia were to unload its $100B in reserves, it could depress the value of the USD by perhaps a couple percent for a couple of days, but it would do way more damage to itself. The global foreign exchange market is measured $5.3-*trillion* *per day*(!) and there are lots of aggressive players desperately trying to profit from arbitraging a few hundredths of a penny. If they figured out that Russia was dumping $100B at a deep discount for purely political reasons, the buyers would go into a huge feeding frenzy, mitigating the decline on the USD. Immediately after Russia finished unloading, the USD would jump right back up to its true value. The main result would be that Russia would have donated billions or tens of billions of dollars of value to speculators for a very temporary impact on the value of the USD. I wouldn't even call this a Pyrrhic victory; it'd be an unmitigated loss for Russia. China could do the same thing and have a bigger impact with its $1.3T, but also a bigger loss to itself.

Comment: Re:Must have been written by Captain Obvious (Score 0) 401

Since the collapse of civilization will happen in a few decades, there is absolutely no reason to give a second thought to Anthropogenic Global Warming Caused Specifically And Exclusively By Anthropogenic Carbon Emissions And Curable By Donating Trillions Of Dollars To Genocidal Dictators For Some Reason (AGWCSAEBACEACBDTODTGDFSR). I'll bet these ultra-leftist alarmists didn't think about the implications of anybody taking their work seriously!

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