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Comment I can see this going disastrously wrong (Score 1) 192 192

Imagine you are coming up to a point in the road where the road bends to the left. However this is mostly obscured by bushes, ans something, maybe a drainage ditch looks a bit like a road bending to the right. Usually you will sense that something's not quite right, slow down and see what happens. Now imagine that the car's headlights illuminate the false road, leaving the real route in relative darkness. Also imagine that hundreds of hours of driving had conditioned to believe that the car would illuminate your path. It could end in disaster.

Comment I think rather than guiding (Score 1) 173 173

I think rather than guiding encouragement in areas where kids show ability and interest are better. Would you really be doing anyone a favour if you guided someone into a career that looks as though it will be increasingly outsourced, not be well compensated except at higher levels, and require long hours if they didn't have a keen interest and enjoyment in the area?

Comment Re: This is particularly concerning (Score 1) 202 202

It is not a minority. A poll shows that 1.5 million Muslims on the UK support the Islamic state. That works out at 55%, a majority.

you are quite right. Dave420 is a notorious pot-head who doesn't realise that what he calls "Islamist" is the mainstream teaching of Islam.

Comment Re:Colour me suprised (Score 5, Funny) 285 285

What you do/experience when you are young (smoking, drinking to much, too little sleep, bad excercise, bad housing ... etc. ) comes back to haunt you.

Not always. Jeanne Calment was once asked what the secret of her long life was and she said that she thought that cutting down her smoking at the age of 96 had a lot to do with it.

Comment Re:Generally? You don't. (Score 1) 318 318

The same thing applies in an office environment, only instead of one wife you now have 50 colleagues who want help with this and that (often not work related), or just want to chat about the weather...

It's a lot easier to tell someone at work to go away because you are busy, and there is a clear escalation path if they don't. Just to be clear I am not saying that everyone has difficulty working from home, there were times in my life when it would have been easy - just that not everyone can work as well from home. Obviously as well there are some jobs that need physical presence.

Comment Re:Generally? You don't. (Score 1) 318 318

This is a problem with you - you have not established clear boundaries with your wife. My wife works from home and I know to leave her alone. She informs me of which calls are important so I take the dogs and keep them in the bedroom with me so that they are quiet if the doorbell rings, etc. Since I work from home too but I'm more flexible I make lunch at the time she agreed to have it (according to her outlook calendar for the day). I only start complaining when I see it's 7pm and she's still working... or when she allows herself only 10 minutes for lunch, but I know she won't change. But tell me - why doesn't your wife work? That way she'd leave you alone.

I've suggested working to her a number of times. When the kids were younger it made sense for her to stay at home - before they started school the day care costs would have been more than her salary, but she could work during the school day now.

I have to say though that apart from when I try to work at home she looks after the house and the kids well, has a meal ready for me when I get home and is always attentive - which is nice.

Comment Re:Generally? You don't. (Score 5, Informative) 318 318

(5) Not everybody is more productive when working from home as there may be more distractions at home than at work. Walking the dog, doing the washing up, etc. Troubleshooting certain problems is (far) easier locally than remotely.

Too true. We can work from home occasionally, but my wife hasn't got the idea that working from home is working. It's very nice to be offered cups of tea occasionally, but being asked if you want anything every five minutes - oh and can I come to get something heavy out of the cupboard, empty the bin, see how cute our dog looks as he's gone to sleep leaning in a corner and so on ... I only work from home if I'm snowed in or something as I really do get a lot less done.

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