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Comment: I've seen a place like that (Score 1) 36

by Chrisq (#47925075) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?

As a software house we were called in many times as a scapegoat, a game we all knew. A project would not be working and have no hope of delivering, so we would be called in. We would then give an estimate for remaining time and be severely berated for it not matching the timescale, but they'd agree to pay for it to be done. We would take full responsibility and the managers would not seem to see anything strange about us having been working on a project for a week (estimating) and in that time got behind by three months. That way nobody was sacked.

The company programmers themselves did hardly any work. They once had a brilliant young developer who wrote more in three months than their team did in years, before being sacked for delivering code with a bug that caused an outage. The people who survived spent more time covering themselves in case something went wrong tan doing work. For example, I once had a call from a guy who asked "how do you send a block of data to a certain output device". I told him, and years later I saw some code with a comment "IO as specified and recommended by Chris Q of XXX on 03 March 1998", The whole module was covered with comments like this and by the dates it had taken almost a three weeks for this guy to write a program o read a file, and send it in blocks with a maximum length of 256 bytes to an output device with a "continue" flag set for all but the last block. The guy is now in their IT management

I always warned people never to work for that company!

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by Chrisq (#47916509) Attached to: NSW Police Named as FinFisher Spyware Users

Yay for Godwin's Law! Let's compare a religion to Nazis! And judge everyone who practices that religion for the actions of extremist believers! I wonder what the percentage of Muslims who practice their religion and don't bother people is compared to the percentage of Muslims part of extremist groups? Also, are there other religions where there are extremist groups? Hm...Christianity....Westboro Baptist Church sound familiar? Hm, all Christians hate gays etc etc.

The Westboro baptists are much better than Islam in many ways. How many people have they beheaded? How many sex slaves have they taken? How many bombs have they set off, or planes flown into buildings? Also where are the hundreds of Christians from Britain, France, Denmark, Australia and other countries leaving their countries to join the Westboro baptists and lay down their life?

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Or maybe reducing the entire world to the single dimension of religion is not a terribly useful way to understand "terrorism"

When the religion commands acts of terror, and many of the followers commit acts of terror then maybe it is. You might as well say "the single dimension of nazziism is not terribly useful in understanding Germany's terrorist acts against the jews in WW2"


German Court: Google Must Stop Ignoring Customer E-mails 287

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jfruh writes If you send an email to, Google's German support address, you'll receive an automatic reply informing you that Google will not respond to or even read your message, due to the large number of emails received at that address. Now a German court has ruled (PDF) that this is an unacceptable response, based on a German law saying that companies must provide a means for customers to communicate with them. Update: 09/12 15:47 GMT by S : Updated to fix the links.

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In 1994 there were 23,730 homicides in the USA source.

Isis are responsible for way more than 23,730 deaths source.

Read in to that what you like :)

In 1994 the US population was 263 million. (1.6billion / 263 million) * 23730 = 144365, almost bang on middle of the estimate range in the Wikipedia article you linked.

But you're using the world's Muslim population for the crimes of ISIS but only the US population for the crimes of the USA. A more realistic figure would be the number of Islamic state (100,000) rather than the whole muslim population, or inlcude all murders by Muslims anywhere in the world.

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Only an idiot want's to be tracked.

Only and idiot uses an apostrophe to make a verb plural.

Since we seem to be doing Grammar Nazism, only an idiot would confuse the present indicative for a plural.

Now what's the law that says that anyone correcting grammar is bound to make a grammatical error when doing so? I wait nervously for someone to point one out!

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." -- William James