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Comment: Re:This won't pay: system in London closed in 2003 (Score 1) 110

by Chrisq (#49495683) Attached to: UK Company Wants To Deliver Parcels Through Underground Tunnels

There was no congestion charge in 2003.

True, but since they say it cost five times a much to send things by the rail compared by road this would only swing the balance if 4/5 of the cost were the congestion charge. In other words it would have to cost four times as much as the driver's salary, fuel, maintenance, and vehicle costs - which it obviously doesn't

Comment: This won't pay: system in London closed in 2003 (Score 1) 110

by Chrisq (#49491669) Attached to: UK Company Wants To Deliver Parcels Through Underground Tunnels
Until 2003 the royal mail used an underground mail railway. Even though the costs of building the tunnels had been paid off it was five times more expensive than using road transport for the same task. I can't see how any system involving new tunnels could possibly be viable.

Comment: Re:Typical Muslim response to the truth (Score 1) 245

by Chrisq (#49476539) Attached to: Turkish Hackers Target Vatican Website After Pope's Genocide Comment

Typical Muslim response to the truth. Ban it, bar it, become the victim.

No, it's a typical nationalist response to the truth. Your clumsy attempt to involve Islam proves that you hate the truth as much as they do. You are exactly like them, and are therefore one of them.

Thank you for reminding me of the Muslim's other typical response - ridiculous equivocation. Drawing a picture that you don't like becomes the moral equivalent of killing people. Raping children becomes the moral equivalent of protesting about the rape. And in your case of course someone who points out that Muslims try to ban truth about a genocide becomes "exactly like" the people committing the genocide.

Comment: You probably could tell looking close up (Score 1) 152

by Chrisq (#49468409) Attached to: Sharp Announces 4K Smartphone Display
You probably could tell the difference looking close up (A person with 20/20 vision at 4 inches - the closest a healthy adult can focus - can see up to 876 PPI) , but:

If the average reading distance is 1 foot (12 inches = 305 mm), p @0.4 arc minute is 35.5 microns or about 720 ppi/dpi. p @1 arc minute is 89 microns or about 300 dpi/ppi. This is why magazines are printed at 300 dpi – it’s good enough for most people. Fine art printers aim for 720, and that’s the best it need be. Very few people stick their heads closer than 1 foot away from a painting or photograph.”

Comment: Lets hope they don't try to automate it (Score 1) 278

by Chrisq (#49462781) Attached to: Researchers Developing An Algorithm That Can Detect Internet Trolls

It also observes that higher rates of community intolerance are likely to foster the anti-social behavior and speed the ban.

If automated an intolerant core could try to get users expressing opinions that they don't like banned. The fact that they are subjected to intolerance would make the algorithm more likely to ban them.

Comment: Re:UK solution (Score 4, Funny) 143

by Chrisq (#49461607) Attached to: Spain's Hologram Protest: Thousands Join Virtual March In Madrid

Few years ago, when teachers were protesting against low wages in UK, protest was routed through biggest commercial street in London (Oxford Street). Before it has reached the end, half of the people protesting was gone, shopping (they came from all over UK, so being able to visit all the shops, both discounts and posh ones was a real treat).

If it passed a pub they'd have lost the other half too

Comment: Re:Redirect to HTTPS (Score 2) 81

In order to inspect the DDoS traffic to reject it, it has already come in over your internet.If they use all your bandwidth it does not matter if you drop the traffic, you are already dead.

For large companies Internet providers will install anti-DDOS software at the interconnect point. We have a 1 GBPS connection and whatever anti-DDOS software we had at our end could be relatively easily swamped. Our network provider on the other hand has a huge bandwidth (can't remember what) and swamping their system would be very difficult even for the large botnets.

Comment: I always look at the bad reviews (Score 4, Insightful) 126

by Chrisq (#49445383) Attached to: Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews

The "this is super and excellent" reviews don't tell me much. I look at the bad reviews. Usually you can get an idea if a product is any good by the type of bad review. If there are many good reviews, but one or two saying "delivered late", "wrong product", or "damaged in transit", then I figure that this can happen occasionally but can be sorted out if it does. Some reviews will be bad because of different use-cases ... if most people give high rating for sound quality on a radio but one or two say "distorts at high volume" then you'll probably be OK if you listen at reasonable volumes. Someone once gave a washer/dryer a 2 start review because it took over three hours for a complete wash/dry cycle. For us that didn't matter - we run it a few times a week and just set it going until it ends. Someone might complain about "complicated controls" on an SLR camera or "lack of flexibility" on a point and shoot ... again it might not matter to you.

On the other hand if a lot of people complain about the general quality of an item, or lack of functionality that you would actually use then that's a good reason to stay away from one.

Comment: Re:more respect for those that intervene (Score 1) 489

by Chrisq (#49438093) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"

Filming a terrible event taking place is one thing; acting to stop it is wholly different, and far more courageous.

Seriously, we're talking about intervening between a crazy cop and his victim. How do you expect someone to intervene? The probable result would be two dead bodies, no photographic record, and your relatives claiming "he wasn't like that it must have been a throwdown"

According to the latest official figures, 43% of all statistics are totally worthless.