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Comment Re:This is evil! (Score 1) 90 90

I work for an ISP. You're wrong on almost every point.

Most infrastructure repair costs are for what we jokingly call the "Backhoe disconnect"
We're talking upwards of 90% of our repair costs are construction related. And before you say it, no, they don't pay us back for it. It's almost always the city that cuts the cable, they can't afford to pay us, and if we tried to make them they'd issue a press release the next day stating "We're laying off 1 police officer and 2 kindergarten teachers to pay off your Nazi ISP, sorry" and we'd be driven out of town with pitchforks.

Over here in Europe, such costs would have to be paid by the company (same for municipality, state, whoever) that's doing the works - or rather, their liability insurance. Such insurance is not an option here. Problem solved.

Comment Re:It's not Linux-based (Score 1) 175 175

I distinctly remember Tom's rootboot, which came on a single 1.44 floppy. I used it often to fix "sick" systems, it came with a number of useful tools. So, it is certainly feasible to strip a Linux system down quite far. Ah, here it is:

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