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Comment: Re: I never thought I'd say this... (Score 1) 324

Yes, but at the same time, paying for an internet line to be run to your house can actually cost more than your house in rural areas

And asking for a subsidy doesn't make that cost go away--in fact, it'll make it higher. You're just making somebody else pay the cost for you.

Comment: Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 462

by Chris Mattern (#47883859) Attached to: CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

Similarly, 99% of the problem could be stopped if they cancelled the Equitable Sharing program and instead insisted that all such seizures to go to the federal government, not to any local fund.

Hmmm...possibly. How much of local cops' seizures actually belong to the feds and are "shared" back by this program, and how much are seizures under local authority--or could be made so if the local cops think they won't get federal seizures back? The latter can't be constitutionally claimed by the feds, although it would be possible to insist it all go to the state government.

Comment: Selection bias? (Score 5, Insightful) 74

by Chris Mattern (#47871165) Attached to: Reanalysis of Clinical Trials Finds Misleading Results

They looked at reanalyses that had already been done for other reasons, rather than doing their own reanalyses on randomly selected trials. It occurs to me that these trials may have been subjected to reanalysis precisely *because* there were doubts about the initial analysis.

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by Chris Mattern (#47863435) Attached to: GM To Introduce Hands-Free Driving In Cadillac Model

Automated driving systems DO NOT need to be foolproof.

They need to be very close to foolproof at the very least. Your point is logically unassailable, but alas, logic doesn't enter into it. It'll be assailed in courts of law, and in public opinion. Every accident that happens will be the fault of the autpilot, and the fact that the autopiloted cars have less accidents will be irrelevant.

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