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Comment: Re:Waaah. (Score 1) 133

by Chris Mattern (#47735477) Attached to: New EU Rules Will Limit Vacuum Cleaners To 1600W

It must take longer to boil water in the US then. In Aus a standard electric kettle has a 2.4kW resistive heating element.

You don't see many kettles with built-in heating elements here. People heat their kettles on the stove, which will either be gas, or if it's electric, will be on a special high-capacity circuit.

Comment: Re:Logged in to email? (Score 1) 115

by Chris Mattern (#47714997) Attached to: 51% of Computer Users Share Passwords

You can't.

This isn't necessarily universal, as it's not required like 911 access, but you can certainly do it on my phone. Go into "People", select "In case of emergency" (it's big and bold at top) and you can select contacts from your contact list to be emergency contacts. These can then be called from the lock screen with the "Emergency contacts" button.

Comment: Re:I definitely share password with family (Score 2) 115

by Chris Mattern (#47712437) Attached to: 51% of Computer Users Share Passwords

The *right* way to cover the "hit-by-a-bus" scenario is to put all your passwords into an encrypted repository, and only give your wife the password to the repository. Ideally, the repository should then be placed in a safety deposit box that can't be accessed outside of the hit-by-a-bus scenario, but that would admittedly be an extra expense and arguably overkill.

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