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Comment: Re:Defense of the Article (Score 1) 362

by Chris Mattern (#49621135) Attached to: The Programming Talent Myth

In order for it to be truly bimodal, people have to start in either camp A or camp B and end in the same camp they started in. Because if you transition from one to another over time, any point in time will capture a group of people in between the modes.

Bimodal doesn't mean there is *nobody* between camp A and camp B. It means there are *very few* between camp A and camp B.

Comment: Re:At the same time (Score 1) 284

For example, conventional wisdom from authorities was that the Spitfire was completely impractical because... you had to turn the plane to aim it at the target, as there were no gun turrets.

Buh? At the time of the Spitfire's development, fixed forward firing guns were the *standard* on all fighter aircraft, that design feature having become universal fairly early on in World War One.

Comment: Re:Hawaiian Electric (Score 1) 329

by Chris Mattern (#49568753) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

The electric company wants to expand geothermal. There's considerable local opposition. Part of it is because the volcanism on Hawaii is very volatile--there's been incidents of accidentally releasing poisonous gas from the test facilities. Also there's religious issues--the volcanoes on Hawaii are sacred to a lot of the native population.

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