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Comment: Re:Good for greece (Score 1) 1039 1039

The Greeks will never accept an exit from the Euro.

With this vote, the Greeks have lost the power to make this decision. It's now up to whether the ECB thinks there's more pain in stringing this along more or cutting them loose. The Greeks no longer have a say in it, unless they want to use a currency they no longer have any say in or support from, like Zimbabwe uses the US Dollar.

Comment: Re:Speaking of TV shows (Score 1) 173 173

Not long ago, Longmire was canceled by A&E for bizarre reasons. It had good ratings and was pulling in a few million viewers. They said "the demographic is too old." Uh, ok, anyone in your marketing department notice that young viewers (ie millennials mainly) are the poorest generation in the market right now?

The older demographic may have the money, but the common marketing wisdom is that they're set in their buying habits--advertising to them won't generate sales. They want the younger audience, because they feel that that's the one they can hook.

Comment: Re:Dune was good just took a few chapters to grab (Score 1) 224 224

You may want to remember that Frank Herbert wrote only first six--and the last two were done a couple of years before he died. After that it was his son, Brian Herbert, in conjunction with Kevin J. Anderson, work about which some people, well, have a rather low opinion.

Comment: Re:Another piece in the puzzle... (Score 4, Informative) 90 90

Terminators are made out of nanomachines, not "liquid metal".

The movie seems to disagree with you:

John Connor: So this other guy: he's a Terminator like you, right?
The Terminator: Not like me. A T-1000, advanced prototype.
John Connor: You mean more advanced than you are?
The Terminator: Yes. A mimetic polyalloy.
John Connor: What the hell does that mean?
The Terminator: Liquid metal.

Comment: Re:Penalty for obvious false claims (Score 2) 97 97

You can sue for anything. Why not sue for harassment + triple legal fees?

Because they generate enough legal business to have lawyers on retainer and thus pay no incremental costs for more suits. You, of course, enjoy no such advantage.

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