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Comment Re:Simpler (Score 1) 146

I've been using belt clips since my first mobile phone and never had the issues mentioned by people.

What I've been thinking all this time. I actually use a case with belt loops--that way it can't accidentally pop off my belt.

No accidental dialing. No cracked or scratched screens. No lost phones. I've got very little sympathy for these people when a simple solution exists.

Comment Re:Bullshit ... (Score 1) 457

Yes. They omitted the diesel exhaust fluid (urea) injection system.

Nope. The urea injection system was installed on every car. They wouldn't have been able to pass the EPA tests if it wasn't. It's just that it resulted in worse mileage and performance when it was turned on. So the software turned it off except when it detected that it was undergoing an EPA test.

Comment Re:Just (Score 2) 186

If the utility is going to charge me a grid-tie fee, make that fee the same as all of the subscribers. IE, any house with approximately the same service type (200A 240V Single Phase with Neutral) should have the same grid-tie fee as I as a solar user would have.

That sounds fair, but it actually isn't. Somebody who, at unpredictable intervals, will be feeding power into the grid requires a more expensive hookup than somebody who will only ever draw power from the grid.

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