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Comment: Re:hmmm (Score 0) 137

by prisoner-of-enigma (#49138229) Attached to: 12-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole Discovered

People used to say the same thing about the "luminiferous aether," you know.

Personally, I think "dark matter" and "dark energy" don't really exist. Instead, I think there's something wrong with our understanding of the fundamental forces of the universe. Perhaps gravity doesn't behave with the inverse-square law across vast distances like we think. Perhaps there's a subtle force out there we've yet to discover that only acts over extreme distances. After all, quantum mechanics is only observable at extremely small scales, and a century ago nobody even suspected it existed. What's to say there's not something else that acts in an observable fashion only at galactic scales?

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 162

by nitehawk214 (#49137289) Attached to: Should a Service Robot Bring an Alcoholic a Drink?

The difference between a human and robot bartender is that when you've had a few too many the robot bartender can not be bargained with, reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop until you've been served a diet soda.

Being served diet soda has never been so frightening before.

Robots: conquering the human race... with diet soda.

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 162

by nitehawk214 (#49131861) Attached to: Should a Service Robot Bring an Alcoholic a Drink?

It has nothing to do with being an alcoholic. The law is about someone who visibly appears drunk. And the bar can be held liable.

Which I think is bullshit, it isn't the bar's fault, especially considering how many people can look perfectly normal but be too drunk to drive. But that is probably just a part of PA desperately clinging to Prohibition.

Comment: Yes (Score 4, Insightful) 162

by nitehawk214 (#49127819) Attached to: Should a Service Robot Bring an Alcoholic a Drink?

In my state bartenders are legally obligated to not serve "visibly drunk" patrons. Though only the nicer bars actually follow this rule, and it is more in place so they can easily boot out unruly drunks or bar entry for people that are already wasted before they show up.

A robot bartender in a commercial environment would either need to be able to follow all the same rules or be operated by someone that does.

The question is... If you are in your own home, does the robot count as a bartender, or is it an appliance? My guess is the latter, the responsibility belongs to the operator.

Though it would be amusing to see the door to the refrigerator refuse to open for a drunk person.
"I'm sorry Dave, I think you have already had enough to drink."
"Hey buddy, can you come in to my house and open my fridge for me?"

The party adjourned to a hot tub, yes. Fully clothed, I might add. -- IBM employee, testifying in California State Supreme Court