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Comment And still no new 64-bit releases (Score 1) 178

I wonder if Adobe has just given up on its pure 64-bit users (on both Windows and Linux) and decided that they can rot. I haven't seen a new Flash Player Square release mentioned anywhere since the last release came out. What on earth is preventing these people from supporting their 64-bit plugin with security updates?

Comment Re:When new numbers meant new features (Score 1) 378

If you read Linus' thoughts on the subject of numbering, he has stated numerous times that the Linux development process has moved so far beyond "new version = new features" that forcing it back into that paradigm for Linux 3.0 is broken. He believes instead that "new version = some time has passed + some new feature may be included". The fact that Linux 3.0 will be finalized and released very close to the 20th anniversary of the first Linux kernel is just a bonus.

Comment I'll believe it when I see it (Score 2, Interesting) 264

$SUBJECT. If AMD really means it, it bodes well for the future - I always hoped that their openness with the Linux community over the x86-64 porting effort wasn't a one-off.

The big question though is whether or not they will try for mainline inclusion, or if they will go with an out-of-tree effort.

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