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Comment Re:My cat's breath smells of cat food (Score 1) 400

The Amish feel that personal technology peaked in the early 1800s or so, and that most things invented subsequently only provide a distraction from living a worthwhile life.

You appear to be the same, but for 2001 instead. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but don't expect the world to go along with you.

Comment Re:Like War (Score 2, Informative) 483

More time spent on this pointlessness means less time available for their normal job of ruining things. Yeah the USA is "outrageously fucked up", but Congress can pretty much only make it worse, so the more they get out of the way, the better.

Wolf's my congressman btw. If someone better wants to run I'd be all for it, but the ones who actually run against him are much worse.

Comment Re:What is conservative? (Score 1, Troll) 232

Slashdot used to lean libertarian, but has been pretty much just liberal since, I don't know, at least 2004.

Actually I would say the decline in quality at Slashdot is correlated pretty closely to the decline in libertarian leanings.

Where the OP got "conservative" I have no idea, Slashdot has never been that.

Comment Re:whole system (Score 1) 522

the 4MB was on the 386, which wasn't that strange at the time. Pretty sure it was basically the Gateway on this page:

Came with Windows 3.0! Probably needed the 4 MB of RAM to run that. :)

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