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Comment TL;DR version (Score 1) 79 is the summary chart, showing the standard deviations of the d20s by brand/model.
(Lower is better)

By that review:
Crystal Castle the worst
Wiz dice next-worst
Koplow and Chessex about the same, with Koplow averaging slightly better, but one of the five Chessex dice was substantially better than all the Koplows

Gamescience clearly "wins", averaging below 0.1. This is better than ALL the other dice, and all 3 GS dice were individually better than all other dice, aside from the one Chessex exceptionally good die (which still wasn't as good as the best GS die).

Comment IMHO that's good (Score 4, Insightful) 98

Personally, I think the anonymity of people in massive cities is the source of many of the problems of city life.

A lot of urbanites poo-pooh the closed-minded clannishness of small town life, but part of the VALUE of this life (I live in a MN town of 1500) is that people know each other. They know each others' families, they know their histories.

If you're an asshole, people know it and will remember it. So you make SURE you don't act like an asshole. Cities? You'll likely never see that person again, so who gives a shit?

Comment ok (Score 5, Insightful) 223

"... some observers worry that students pursuing profitable degrees in engineering or business would get better repayment terms than those studying to become nurses or teachers..."

And that sounds completely REASONABLE.

TAANSTAFL, people.
I know you really want a giant grant so you can get that PhD in Russian Literature but you know what? To live, you need money. To have money, you need to have a job. Life is work, and work is (usually) shit. If you're staggeringly lucky, you get to do something you love for pay. More often, you rationalize whatever enjoyment you can out of what gig you can get.

But you're simply not entitled to do what you want, and have someone else pay for it. I'm sorry if your parents never taught you that. We can talk all day long about the bullshit costs of colleges, and I'll entirely agree with you. My dad? Full ride as a football player in 1955 to the U of MN, this was noted in the paper as worth $300/year.
I went to the same school in 1986-1990, and my college education cost about $3600-$4500 annually as I recall.
My son going to the same school this year, it's about $25k/year.

Using RoI calculators on the web, my dad's tuition this year would be $2600.
Mine would be $9800.
That's absolute horse shit, and personally I suspect at least part of it has to do with ample grants and easy loans since the mid 1980s. Clearly, it's not going to teachers.

Comment Re:You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 19

What really bothers me is it should only take a few lines of code to replace garbage characters that slashdot shows with an ascii code for that character.

The worst is that it looks fine in preview, but the garbage comes out on the post. It's like they're deliberately trying to run off users.

Comment Re:You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 19

It wouldn't matter to me if they were Hindu, Jewish, or atheist. What bugs me is when someone doesn't practice what they preach. But religion should play no part in politics, except that hypocrisy is a no-go for me.

Take gay marriage, for example. Government should have no part whatever in marriage. I should not need a license to get married, and why is it all right to discriminate against single people? Why should a married couple earning $50k pay less than a war widow with a child earning the same amount?

If government had no hand in marriage, the "gay marriage" issue would have never come up.

Comment Cynical? (Score 3, Interesting) 122

Maybe I'm just becoming increasingly cynical in my old age, but this article reads like a slashvertisement.

Taking the time to look up DAVID SCHELTEMA and CHIP and Next Thing, either a) he's a committed hobbyist who out of altruism spends the majority of his time promoting projects that he genuinely feels are superior in dozens, scores, perhaps even HUNDREDS of articles for more than a year across nearly every conceivable media form from magazines to blogs to twitter, or b) he's a paid shill (or investor) in this project.

Comment Re:You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 19

Just because Trump attends a Presbyterian church doesn't make him Christian, it makes him a wolf in sheep's clothing. Trump worships only two things: Himself, and the ancient Greek god Plutus.

I hate it when someone who seems to always go against Jesus' teachings claims to be a Christian.

That goes for all the Republicans, with the possible exception of Carson and perhaps Rubio. Actually I have my doubts about almost all politicians. You know what Christ said about lawyers and the rich, which almost all of the Senators, Congresspeople, Governors, and President.

The optimal answer is for politics to avoid setting itself in conflict with faith, and there are reasonable compromises to achieve this.

Agreed. Remember the three in the furnace who were to be burned alive for refusing to follow the law and bow to the idol. I'm not Hindu, but I would be aghast if they passed a law making it mandatory to eat beef every Saturday.

As to the unicode, that's slashdot's fuckup.

Comment Re:Hillary has... been opposed to single payer (Score 1) 29

You are pants are on fire?

IMO any of the three Democrats would be a better President than any of the Republicans, although there are two or three Republicans that might not fuck up America too badly.

Perhaps the conspiracy was cooked up by her supporters? The insurance companies are the major reason health care is so expensive and ineffective here.

I'm disgusted by the Republican candidates' cowardice and heartlessness when it comes to refugees, and the fact that none have served in the military but are all for going to war. Back in the Vietnam war days those sorts were called "chicken hawks", and you'll find few veterans who can stomach them.

Unless you're rich and white you'd be a fool to vote for any of them.

Comment Re:Splendid, Captian (Score 1) 19

This is precisely the first time I've ever heard of political correctness being rooted in anything other than cultural marxism.

Hardly a surprise. People like you will never understand that people like me grew up in your world. We remember being looked down on and ostracized for not being religious, or religious enough. We remember that having a tattoo, or a piercing, or hair too long meant exclusion from "polite" society. We remember when women were best seen and not heard. We remember the rigid "manly" codes that literally killed countless boys before they even reached adulthood. We remember the "conventional wisdom" that tore apart entire countries for not being sufficiently advanced or obeisant.

We remember all the racism and sexism that served no purpose but to preserve power. We remember "good ol' boys" and unspoken rules that made life bewildering to those not in the know. We remember having to respect our elders, our supervisors, our officials, no matter what they did. We remember being told to keep quiet for no reason other than widespread knowledge of the crime was a worse sin than the crime itself.

And yet you have the gall to throw "cultural marxism" in my face as if we in the west didn't already have a culture of stifling anything that dared move in a direction the herd didn't approve of. You and your ilk bleating and moaning and complaining, confused at the world they live in, too stupid or too proud to understand this very thing you've ceaselessly complained about for years is the direct result of you wanting exactly that, just to your own specifications. I hope you choke on it.

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