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by CBravo (#47746051) Attached to: Iceland Stands Down On Travel Alert: From Orange To Red and Back Again
You can workaround this with procedures. Iceland could provide a radiostation which you must monitor being in the area near the vulcano. The radiostation could periodically/automatically say that everything is OK or that it is not. Obligatory notifications that you are entering and leaving the area are often used.

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by CBravo (#47236713) Attached to: Dell Exec Calls HP's New 'Machine' Architecture 'Laughable'
They should not only redesign software for CPU architecture. Most software is created for a single cpu and a single memory space. In real life we have multiple processors, multiple kinds of memory (cache, ram, disk/ssd, raid, san, distributed file systems), network interfaces between server and client (what do you consider 'an application' on the internet?).

And while we are at it: We have issues with software reuse, bugs (in general) and testability, security. Software development is in the pre-industrial age, afaiac.

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by dannys42 (#47112063) Attached to: China Looks To Linux As Windows Alternative

GNOME 1.x was really great. It was fairly configurable while still being relatively easy to use and did what I (as a developer) needed. Current day GNOME looks like it borrows from the worst of Windows (the stuff even the Windows folks don't even like), and only recently adopted a few things that the Mac does (possibly because Windows copied some of it) but in some weird way that lost all of the intent behind the actions. So we end up with something that's simple but still not understandable because it's confusing and weird, and consequently useless to just about everyone. I managed to get by fortunately because they had an alternate window manager that was a bit more traditional.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the Linux community is amazing and love the fact that it all exists. But for GUI, not only have they lost sight of the Unix Philosophy, they also don't really have a good view of who their /actual/ users are.

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