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Comment Re:It seems like this is what DMARC is built to so (Score 1) 55

No, DMARC authenticates you as a sender to fight phishing but does not tell you what the rest of the spamfilter concludes. You can still send spam using DMARC. The reporting feedback of DMARC is necessary to find problems in the authentication. An added bonus is that you can identify spammers.

Microsoft has SNDS which is pretty helpful in finding moments when things go bad. It does not identify your customers, I have to find that myself.

Comment More complex projects (Score 1) 126

We do pair programming for larger projects without many explicit specs. These projects require you to 'think up' use cases and requirements on the fly to ensure that your code is sufficient, complete and valid. For instance we created a replacement for a parser of complex documents that had to get classified. We had a coder with strong domain knowledge and a strong coder. Not sure what to do when n > 2.

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