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Submission You can now use the Xbox One controller to play games on the PC

BogenDorpher writes: In August of last year, a Microsoft spokesman confirmed that the Xbox One controller will be compatible for PC users sometime in 2014. That time has finally come. Windows gamers can now use the Xbox One controller to play games on their computer. If a game supports a USB gamepad or the Xbox 360 controller, it will also support the Xbox One controller thanks to these drivers. Grab the driver downloads for 32bit or 64bit Windows and game on!

Submission Sinofsky leaves Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green now in charge of Windows Division->

BogenDorpher writes: Steven Sinofsky, the man who was behind the development and marketing of Windows (including the recently released Windows 8), Internet Explorer,, and SkyDrive had apparently left the company. In his place, Julie Larson-Green will run the Windows division while Tami Reller will take charge of the business of Windows.
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Submission Apple co-founder Steve Jobs's home burglarized, $60K worth of items stolen->

BogenDorpher writes: Apple co-founder Steve Job's home was recently burglarized and nearly $60,000 worth of computers and personal items were stolen. The burglar did not know the home belonged to Steve Jobs prior to entering the home of the Apple co-founder, who passed away October 5th of 2011.
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Submission Microsoft lanches, introduces metrofied mail on the web->

BogenDorpher writes: Microsoft, in an attempt to unify it's UI across all platforms, have today launched, a new add-on to it's popular Hotmail service. is practically the same as Hotmail, with the addition of a brand new metro user interface that cleans the whole thing up to make it clean and simple.
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Submission Windows 8 to reach RTM first week of August, general availability by October->

BogenDorpher writes: During Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conference, the company officially announced that Windows 8, the company's next generation operating system, will reach Release to Manufacturing (RTM) first week of August. Windows 8 will reach general availability by the end of October.
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Submission Windows Phone 8 announced during Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit->

BogenDorpher writes: During the Windows Phone Summit today, Microsoft announced the successor to its popular Windows Phone 7 platform. Windows Phone 8 was announced as the company's next generation mobile operating system and Microsoft detailed 8 different platform changes.
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