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Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1, Insightful) 324

What happens when a GMO is released into the wild is irreversible genetic pollution of non-modified organisms.

The fact of the matter is there is NO science about how these GMOs interact in nature when left to their own devices, free to cross-pollinate other organisms. That kind of wilfull blindness is engaged in by companies whose goals are not science, but which are solely the pursuit of profit ( via omonopolistic wnership of genetic material).

As for your reductio ad absurdum argument about the non-dangers of "foreign" DNA: how does such an argument stack up against "foreign DNA" when it's wrapped up inside "invasive species"?

Not very well I would assert.

We've barely got our heads around the problems of plastic bags: from bags to the sea, where it's broken down, which is then eaten by microscopic organisms, which is eaten by larger ones which, quelle surprise! ends up inside us. Did we forsee that when we wrecklessly cast these plastic bags about the place? Did we hell.

Such wanton disregard and ignorance for the consequences of our actions seesm to be the human way. Wrapping up the persuit of profits with the guise of LIMITED science and subjecting the genetic material of the entire ecosystem to a vast experiment is not a sound, rational or wise thing to do.

Comment Re:Can steam, EA, ubisoft , etc black list you (Score 1) 73

Well, a "charge back" is not the same as a refund request.

A 'charge back' means calling your Credit Card company and telling them to refuse the payment, cutting out any dialogue with the store you bought goods from. This is entirely different to going to that store and requesting a refund and you can't conflate the two things.

Comment Re:I feel you... (Score 5, Insightful) 283

One of the major criticisms the OP left out is the way the latest OS updtae effectively broke the device.

When I unlock my N7, the thing frequently grinds to a halt with ungodly lag, that can last anywhere from a couple to several minutes making the device unusable in a casual and thoughtless manner - the very purpose of the device.

This is not due to the hardware's "age", this is due to the poorly written Android Lollipop OS. This problem didn't exist in the previous version. In fact, if it wasn't for this tablet-trashing update, I would be using my N7 as much as the day I got it (usually for simple web browsing, email and the occasional game).

My experiance of the N7 has been one of *forced* obsolescence, not ageing. And the lesson I took from it is, never spend more than £100 on these pieces of shit, because the companies behind them will want you to upgrade (buy another one) as soon as possible and will engineer the necessity by not giving a damn about their un-optimised code for 'old' devices.

Comment Apathetic Standards Atrophying (Score 2) 36

If you ignore the ASA or tell them to fuck off, they will do bad things, like ... um ... post on their website that you have told them to fuck off.

They might also take out an advertisement on Google so someone sees a message when they do a search for your blog/business/youtube channel indicating that you've told them to fuck off.

I think people should be clear when they show sponsored products, that's about basic integrity and ethics, but the ASA can make bad decisions. They aren't a government body. You can tell them to fuck off if you want to. The worst thing they'll do in many cases is tell people that you've told them to fuck off.

Comment Re:Disabling telemetry only works for 10 Enterpris (Score 5, Insightful) 316

Windows 8 was a fuck up because of the UI.

It looks like Microsoft said, with 10, let's just go deeper and fuck up the user's privacy instead.

The more I hear about 10, the less it looks like a saviour to Windows woes and the more it looks like an even bigger disaster.

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 226

On the other hand I can't believe some people actually think the US government wouldn't stoop to the level of getting someone who had a contact in the CIA to set up one of the greatest thorns in their side with a character-ruining false accusation. The US government would never do something like that!

Assange may have done what he is accused of AND the CIA may have been involved in engaging in character assasination to dicredit a particularly effective critic.

Any rational-minded observer can discount neither possibility.

Comment Re:It's Not About Porn (Score 5, Insightful) 231

The UK government, as do many others around the world, is just playing to a particular enclave of their supporters to gain political capital at the expense of others.

All this will do is kill a certain proportion of UK porn websites and enthusiasts (ahem) will look elsewhere; abroad.

That pesky international internet, eh?

Never mind, though, some dopey true-blue grannies will tell the bridge club what a good job the Tories are doing protecting their grand children. Even though they're not.

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