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Comment Re:How soon before (Score 1) 47


They (BT) did (and do) this with Caller ID. It was free and then, just a few months ago, they silently introduced a monthly charge for it - at a time when spam calls were worse than ever and it's more important than ever to see who's calling.

They'll run this for free for a time then start charging for them.

On the plus side, landline phones with call blockers are at long, long last starting to appear.

Comment Re:wtf is this article (Score 1) 258

Thank you. It's very tempting to circlejerk about this. People on Slashdot are supposed to have a few more critical thinking abilities. Doesn't always work out that way.

There are still questions about Windows 10 data transfers, but misinformation and sloppy research as found in the original Forbes article, does not help in any way.

Comment Re:Telemetry confirmed? (Score 1) 579

>Has anyone analyzed the data being sent? Or is this a big assumption?

That's a good question, but I think that a better one is why is Microsoft not coming clean about all this or addressing the issue people are having with it that their monopoly OS is doing things that the user isn't fully informed about or have any choice in, or control over.

Microsoft could clear all this up in a moment.

Comment Re:ABP? (Score 1) 84

Well, speaking personally, I use ABP's "Select element to hide" function on all those EU cookie banner pop-ups - if I can't just ignore them (and rather than close them via clicking 'OK') - so that would probably select the malvertisement.

Bloody EU legislators legislating mandatory spam pop-ups. What the actual F?

Comment Re: What a criminal (Score 2) 98

And what about the way Facebook allows people to steal other people's videos from Youtube or whatever, host them of Facebook, Facebook gains ad revenue and when the injured party complains, the video gets taken down a couple of months later - and after the buzz for the video has waned & Facebook had gained most of the revenue it could expect to from the pirated media.

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