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Comment Re:Isn't Uber more like a minicab than a black cab (Score 2) 215

I didn't read the article but I presume they want them to operate as minicabs, rather than black cabs. Therefore, they are not expecting them to pass the knowledge (e.g. have knowledge of the streets) but rather that they are licensed in the same way as minicabs. Effectively, Uber is an unlicensed minicab operator and that is illegal. The app makes no difference, since many minicab operators have apps where you can book a cab, get real time vehicle tracking, etc, etc.

There is no 'legal quandary' (like the summary suggests) because if you pick people up for money you must be a taxi. Whether you are a black cab or a minicab (private hire) you must be licensed. Uber is neither.

Comment If I had mod points I would mod parent up... (Score 1) 215

Black cabs and minicabs are both regulated in London, as the parent states. The regulations might be different but they exist and basically Uber is an unregulated minicab operator.

You might not like the regulations, but there are reasons for them (including passenger safety) and simply doing it 'via an app' doesn't change what you are and how you are expected to do it.

Comment Re:My parents and software. (Score 2) 254

In that case just go with Google and Libreoffice. Google Docs is more than good enough for the basics, writing, etc (and you don't have to bother saving and syncing); LibreOffice for anything more advanced and local sync via google drive. And the decider is, its free.

Comment Re: BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 2) 132

The answer is ... its complicated. The BBC is responsible for the collection of the license fee, not the government. There are laws making it illegal to watch live TV without a license but it is enforced by the BBC who prosecute license evaders through the courts. The BBC is a separate entity controlled by the BBC Trust and the Board of Governors and is in no way controlled by or a branch of the government.

Obviously you could argue about political interference but that is just as true with e.g. banks where they can be persuaded by the threat of changes in laws or regulations.

tl:dr - the answer is mostly the BBC

Comment Re:The straightforward (Score 1) 108

I'd agree with this. The situations where the system is abused to steal someones domain is so rare that its not worth worrying about. If Giant Corp Inc really wanted to steal your domain you would probably just disappear one day anyway ;)

Like the parent I've had a few domains over the years - some just because they were for customer projects that never got going and I liked the sound of them. I've even been approached to sell one of them (not enough to make me part with it) but I can't say I've ever worried about justifying my ownership. If it could be confused with a prominent brand then obviously YMMV.

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