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Comment Re:This isn't a "conspiracy theory" (Score 1) 235

Yeh, it is the same thing. Certainly the Conspiratorian I know is definitely searching for meaning in his life (for reasons it wouldn't be fair to discuss on the Internet).

In my experience the conspiracy big picture (which I reckon they all have) puts the earth right back at the centre of the universe and means there could easily be a real meaning to life/God. I mean, if the Earth is flat AND the man can hide that from us? Known science is worthless and the possibilities are boundless.

Comment Re:This isn't a "conspiracy theory" (Score 1) 235

The conspiracy is that they are keeping it a secret. Its not like they are saying nobody else bothered to notice, rather - the moon landings were fake, space doesn't exist, NASA are keeping it a secret with fake space launches/photos/etc, the military/NASA are guarding the giant mountains around Antarctica (the 'edge of the world') and you are a sheep (just open your mind man, the evidence is all out there but you have to find it yourself (for some reason)).

Comment Re:Obligatory "when I was a kid" post. (Score 1) 545

Now it's 40 years or so later, I live in GA, and my kids are not allowed to ride their bikes to school. Walkers at my daughter's middle school require permits that they have to pay a fee for.

That is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. I was going to comment about it, but itsso crazy I really don't know what to say....

Comment Re:Awful format (Score 2) 57

I agree its an awful idea, but what really concerns me is that it probably doesn't have to be that successful for every fecker to give it a go and then every book will come wrapped in its own app.

Apart from the multimedia crap (and obviously the money/power play involved) there's really no reason for it to come in its own app. I mean is there any technical reason you can't release a chapter at a time on Kindle/Kobo/Nook/whatever?

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