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Comment: Re:You cannot know *WHO* is voting (Score 1) 258

by JonnyCalcutta (#49689773) Attached to: Online Voting Should Be Verifiable -- But It's a Hard Problem

Completely agree with this. Going to a polling station might not be perfect, but it works - its secure and watched over by generally impartial humans. There is just now way to get all the same benefits of voting in a secure public place for internet or postal voting.

You might solve some of the identity issues by rolling out universal ID cards, but like you say - how do you know they are not being coerced?

Comment: Re:A conspiracy of academics? Math MODELS (Score 1) 525

And does everyone share in the expense, or only the richest 6 countries. And if only the richest countries spend tons of money, can they get any desirable result with the rest of the world not paying attention, let alone money and methods, to "fix" whatever is estimated to help.

Climate is a morass best left to God.

Which is why we can only stop it by having a single world government, able to make the decisions without the national infighting and disagreements. We need some kind of different order to the world. Perhaps we could encourage the UN to take on this role and push for this 'new world order' as it might be called. What could go wrong?

Comment: Re:I hate your rules (Score 1) 136

by JonnyCalcutta (#49478333) Attached to: Cracking Passwords With Statistics

Ditto, right down to the three levels. I have a few of variations on my low level password (basically, add 123 at the end, capitalise and/or add an exclamation - to account for the all the (as you rightly say) ego-driven web sites. Sometimes I've just really had to get on a site, much as their rules annoy me).

Even with the variants I can guess which it was in 3 or 4 goes max, if I've forgotten.

Its a six character word that was the name of an old roleplaying character and is probably in the dictionary. Its also been known by almost everyone I've ever worked with (since its my 'don't care' desktop login). If someone really wants to hack one of those accounts all they have to do is use my browser anyway.

My higher level passwords are all sentences with digits and punctuation and spaces removed to prevent annoyance - good luck getting them with your brute force attacks.

Comment: Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 4, Informative) 886

Bit of a strawman there. Nobody is saying people have to stock specific products for LGBT people - only that they have to serve them whatever they do sell. They can't refuse to serve them just because they are gay.

The coffee shop doesn't have to stock special gay tea, but they have to sell coffee to gay people in exactly the same way they serve it to everyone else.

Comment: Re: Hasn't been involved with Greenpeace since 198 (Score 1) 573

What's wrong with thinking so much of yourself? I happen to think that much of everyone.

My question would be, why do you think so little of everyone that you feel they should be forced to spend the majority of their days performing some form of labour to prove their entitlement? Its not even like most of that labour is useful to society beyond making sure the system is perpetuated.

Comment: Re:Wait what? (Score 1) 222

My four year old loves and plays Minecraft - its the PS3 version mostly but he has also played the PC version and had no real problem with WASD. He isn't bothered about any survival elements, just loves to build houses, railways, and muck around.

My 8 year old has also been playing it since he was 7 - on the PC and the PS3 - and never had any issues. As far as I'm aware most of his class plays it as well (although its been superseded by Terraria). He does watch a lot of these funny British guys but being British I'm happy that's its culturally closer than most of Youtube, and that its 100% child friendly without actually being aimed down that way. He also uses the web to research tips / hints and even asked me for his own web page so he could post stuff (I gave him a blogger site on my account). If your kid plays games I personally think Minecraft is a winner.

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