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Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 133 133

How is it easier to use a big general purpose computer (your smartphone) rather than a small, special purpose one? (the card)

I am asking that question, naively. I've used chip-and-pin debit card for 12 years. They added an " electronic cash" solution (store and pay small amounts without entering PIN) but no one used it, now there's an NFC-like feature that no one uses.
This is very country or region dependant.

I don't know how you use the "contactless" feature, and if NFC phones are compatible with it. Smartcards have been everywhere since 20 years ago, so we know how they're work and we know that they work everywhere (grocery, train, subway etc. etc.)

Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 133 133

With music if you need/want several genres, several artists you can easily go in the 10s of GB music (less if you trim down some of the boring things, but well).
8GB or 16GB fixed smartphone is unacceptable there (I mean, that computer is so powerful but we had more storage 15 years ago?)
64GB is adequate, if you don't mind having not much storage for non-music data..

Storage can also be used to carry data for use on a "real" computer.
That said, smartphones are too immature technology for me and as you said the flash memory cards you can buy as a user are garbage.

Comment Re:SD Card? (Score 1) 133 133

Is that SD card even reliable?
For write once, read-many why not (e.g. music), although copying it from a real computer to the SD card will be infuriatingly slow.

If you do have some more write heavy use, I wonder how long it goes before you get corrupt sectors.
I would rather have a tablet with a 500GB or 1TB HDD, with about 100MB/s write speed and with that you write 4KB blocks to, not 128K blocks.

Comment Re:guys come on. (Score 1) 100 100

With classical computing, you're in a car and stuck behind that tractor with harvesting/whatever equipment or carrying hay stacks, taking almost all the width of the road.

With quantum computing, there's a probably the tractor will vanish or get teleported in the nearby field, which will clear the way out and allow you to escape (car can pass the second gear). There is a 1:(((10^128)^128)^128)^128) probability for that to happen, though.

Comment Re:Skylake is two weeks away (Score 1) 75 75

Eh, I wrote it badly :) I wanted to mean that 5-10 years down the road, you're a bit better off having a Skylake GPU than a Broadwell GPU, for driver support/features.

I believe PCIe still has some life left - PCIe 4.0.
You're probably right in some way but this is the death of the PC as an open platform : you would only buy Intel stuff that only works with Intel stuff, AMD stuff that only works with AMD stuff (already that way with motherboard chipsets, but you still have additional controllers) or the third party hardware would have to be made for the specific platorm. Like 25 years ago with a card for Amiga, a card for Mac, a card for IBM PS/2..

You can go check the Intel Purley platform : multi-socket Skylake (both -EP and -EX). It's like your idea!, but with multiple "regular" CPU socket. Very high end, what with six channels of ddr4 per socket ; a socket will either take a regular Xeon (just a big core i7), a Xeon Phi which does have HBM or equivalent, or something else.
But if you want a sound card that will go to plain PCIe or USB.
Similar is the NVLink bus (from nvidia) that will link between GPUs, or to IBM Power9 (they call it "CAPI"). Even more expensive (well, IBM POWER8 / POWER9 ought to trickle down so you can get a motherboard made by Tyan, Supermicro etc. instead of buying an IBM computer that costs like a house)

For consumer stuff I will rather expect just a single socket. Most people are interested in a $50-$100 motherboard rather than a $500 one.

Comment Nuke Anything (extension) (Score 1) 247 247

Try it : it can get rid of overlay shit, including ribbons (top AND bottom) that halve your viewing space if you're on a short display.
That's on desktop though (Firefox). On mobile, if it exists, I don't know how you're supposed to right click on an element.

There's even one website that says "your mercy period has ended" (or whatever) after reading one article, and I'm supposed to log in. But the article is there under a pile of overlays, including a "greys out" one.

Comment Re:When an ESR isn't a "high traffic release" (Score 1) 403 403

The most relevant things I hid is the login (had my username displayed, btw irssi the IRC client leaks your username by default!) and the fact I downloaded a localized version. The previous time, I even donwloaded current win32 firefox!, not i686 linux ESR.

I just assumed 550 errors are issued when there are traffic spikes. Or just the filter of not getting an en-US version, combined with not many people using the ftp server in the first place do the trick (I don't think any 20-year-old knows what's an ftp these days.)

Comment Re:The important details: Slower and over 540$ (Score 1) 75 75

Many just want some PC to do audio, photo or video, or perhaps some other uses while still running "light" games (be it any blizzard or valve ones, or some stuff where being compatible and not CPU/RAM starved is well good enough)

Within some parameters (perhaps moreso with i5 5675C), the CPU has its merits. No need to spend cash, size and weight on PSU and cooling either. Yes you can buy a 125W CPU and a 200W graphics card instead (going to the other extreme)
The elephant in the room is a $40 Celeron or a $50 AMD are über powerful for most people that don't run Crysis or video editing.

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