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Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 1) 412

What's the percentage in desktop users?
By very roughling adding up the mobile browsers figures (i.e. I didn't bother to sum up every 0.06% there) and removing them the 7% figure is turned to over 16%.
If say 1 billion desktops access the web that's not a small figure. Ok tone that down a bit, then Firefox perhaps has up to 100 million users.

Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things. (Score 1) 229

Yep I have buddies with cable at home and it's good, but 30 megabits down and a few up. The low latency is the most noticeable thing, web pages load as if it were on a LAN and that's hugely better. But I doubt they will be in a hurry to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1 or a european equivalent.

Historically though, antenna TV was the norm for the vast majority of the population, even at the turn of the century. There was a fad of building cable TV in the 80s and 90s but that's in specific neighborhoods and some public subsidized housing. Then there was a fad of satellite TV (digital) in the 90s and 2000s which allowed a similar selection of many channels without the need for infrastructure. Later still, TV over DSL is very popular, starting from the mid 2000s.

So the cable infrastructure isn't there :) and what's left is to bring fiber. Perhaps in some cases fiber to the building, then very high speed and low range VDSL would be a good idea. But that has never been in the news.
I'm a believer at least in rural fiber. Yes it's useful and cheap there and there is a demography problem there as farmers are aging and everybody left. They should be scrambling to bring fiber there, it should be profitable and yet another capitalist crisis is looming because investors have too much money and nothing worth investing into.

Comment Re:What about measuring reliability? (Score 1) 109

Well, as a desktop user I'm used to the higher reliability of Ubuntu / Mint and debian made some bad moves before already :
- Debian 6 : to protect your freedom, no wifi drivers are included. (Gave away a desktop that it turns out couldn't access the Internet)
- Debian 7 : no official desktop anymore. Well, there's Gnome 3 but why would you put that on an i486 distro?
- Debian 8 : why should I care? Buying a graphics card for getting drivers that play better with a 3D desktop is asking a bit much. But if I come across a 256MB computer I'll sure install text-mode debian and raw lxde on that. It is a bit late, though, those perfectly working Pentium III / BX chipset PC went into the trash.

Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 1) 412

I run Firefox "Developer" edition (formerly Aurora, i.e. alpha) with "Electrolysis", and it's satistfying. I feared it would be a RAM hogging and that my process list would be polluted by a ton of "firefox" processes but what actually happens is you have "Web Content", "firefox" and "plugin-container" (in descending order of RAM use).

Page rendering is not super fast but the old issues of everything slowing down even text input are gone. When I first started using it I even thought the RAM use was rather low (for a browser) and that it seems better at freeing memory.
So far so good, regarding the tech. UI-wise I at least still have the menu bar and the title bar. On Windows I don't know how you get the frigging title bar back! Should be in the basic options. So, don't use Windows. That said the way of acting like Gnome developers sucks. I should be able to e.g. disable pictures even if I don't use the setting and if it would "break" the web.

Comment Phone portion goes unused (Score 1) 177

These days in my country at least the router/modem provided by the ISP has a connector to plug an old (or new) land phone in, but it goes over VoIP. You have an RJ11 to phone plug adapter if needed.
"Real" POTS is something you would have to look for, likely from the former monopoly ("historical") operator. Or maybe in a few areas left where things still have to go through the historical operator even when your ISP is something else.

BTW grandma has had a DECT cordless for a while. Also, a permanently seated laptop (where there used to be a videotex terminal) that still feels new even though it's perhaps eight/nine year old. Grandma seems to keep stuff in amazing working order and cleanliness (e.g. a vacuum from the 70s) not necessarily clinging to old stuff. Why throw away something that isn't even 20-year-old?, lol.

Comment Re:Why the fuck isn't Mozilla panicking?! (Score 1) 412

How many people choose using these browsers instead of just using them because they're the default?
e.g. Opera Mini will be found on phones with limited CPU/memory and bandwith, perhaps some embedded devices. Includes so-called "feature phones".
UC browser might be the default on a lot of phones in China etc. for all we know.

The one that is unequivocally not a default browser is Opera Mobile : it comes in at 0.02% only!

Add to that that many people don't install any applications at all, or a handful ones. Some use an Android phone without using a Google account. (e.g. one of my friend, on whose phone I will install Firefox browser when we get to it)

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