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Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 276

Con-Agra was going to get tax abatement anywhere they went, and in fact, even with the tax abatement, they're going to be paying more taxes than they did in Omaha after the move to Chicago.

Boeing's tax bill also went up after the move to Chicago. However, the Federal subsidies were enormous. And again, those subsidies had nothing to do with the City of Chicago. Every state in the US offers companies sweeteners to move. It's why we have a race to the bottom in this country.

So really, you're the one who's wrong.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 2, Insightful) 276

Yea, I've been in Chicago (last week actually) and I'm chuckling too, mostly at you. Yea the "EL" is there and folks do ride the thing, but to get around the windy city and the suburbs, the bulk of people take the extensive number of toll ways in their cars. There is a reason the number of I-Pass holders exceeds the number of public transit riders by an order of magnitude or two.

First of all, it's not the "EL" it's the "L". Second, there are exactly ZERO tollways within the Chicago city limits. Nobody pays tolls getting around Chicago. If you want to come in from Milwaukee or fucking Indiana, yes there are toll roads that start in Indiana and that's only because nobody wants anyone from Milwaukee or Indiana coming into the city because they don't know how to behave.

There is a reason the number of I-Pass holders exceeds the number of public transit riders by an order of magnitude or two.

Yes, it's because the I-PASS is for the entire state of Illinois and public transit customers tend to live in the Chicago area.

Personally, I chose to drive myself while I was there...

May I ask where you're from? I'm really curious. Plus, I want to write a letter to city government asking to build a wall.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 0) 276

I'm not sure the city/government is who I want in charge of making sure of my quality of life is good enough

Really? Do you have your own well for water? Who picks up your garbage? If you get into an accident, or are the victim of a crime, you gonna call the police, or Ayn fucking Rand?

This is what I mean about libertarians being stupid. They expect their streets plowed, and potholes fixed, but don't want city government.

The city government that picks up your goddamn garbage and plows your streets in the winter is the same one that builds mass transit.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score -1, Flamebait) 276

Which is my general point about light rail. It never pays for itself though fares, but ALWAYS requires substantial subsidies from local governments to survive.

It's also a huge economic engine. One of the reasons Boeing and Con-Agra moved to Chicago was because of the transit and the reasonable traffic (because of the good public transit).

I know Libertarians hate public transportation, but for the most part, they are kind of stupid.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 2) 276

Which is EXACTLY the problem with public transit, It's almost never convenient for anybody using it, takes longer than driving yourself, and always requires financial support from tax payers because you never can charge the riders enough.

Public transport is great for what it is, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking it is a solution for traffic congestion or that we can make it convenient and cheap enough to get people who have other options to ride it...

People in Chicago are laughing at you.

Comment Re:"faces up to 25 years in prison" - Nah. (Score 1) 36

In almost all cases, definitely including this one, the maximum possible sentence is entirely irrelevant to the sentence that will be actually imposed.

Thanks for giving some deeper insight into this story. The real headline is not what the Reuters guy did, but how out-of-control the federal prosecutors have become.

At worst, what this guy did was vandalism.

Comment Re:This is basic planetary physics.. (Score 1) 125

The way I understand it the lost of the magnetosphere allows the solar wind to push the ozone back to the nightside and some off into space, this thins ozone lets the UV disassociate more water vapor (that's lighter than air) into hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen is lost to space because it's so light and the oxygen that doesn't get blown off into space oxidises any methane or carbon monoxide in the atmosphere on the way back down to the surface. This causes the atmospheric pressure to decrease, which cause the water to boil at a lower temperature, putting more water vapor into the air to be dissociated and lost, in an accelerating death spiral.

Thank you.

Comment Re: same as guns (Score 2) 174

LOL - I can't tell you where to find them. They're all around you. To experience that kind of thing, you've got to be in the right place, at the right time, and willing to play along with whatever her needs are. Halifax, Nova Scotia was memorable. I walked off the ship, gawking around. Someone walked up behind me, grabbed my elbow, and told me that I was coming home with her. Nice looking gal - 6 ft tall - lovely but unusual color from her African-Irish-Iroquois ancestry. Beauty. I told her that i wanted to hit the bars and get a few drinks first. She said that she had all the liquor I could want at her place. I let her drag me home, and holy SHIT, that woman was demanding!

Right place, at the right time. But, I swear, there's one near you right now!

Comment Re: same as guns (Score -1, Troll) 174

" All of this was done completely against your will."

When she wraps her body around yours, thrusts against you, and says "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me", she can't claim that it was against her will. Well - not unless she's a feminazi. A militant feminist, like any other militant, can claim anything, but that doesn't make it so. It amazes me, how many "progressives" can outright deny their humanity.

Comment Praise the Lord! (Score 0) 204

Finally. I get all sorts of shit around here because of my opinion that Economics is considerably less rigorous than Parapsychology. It's the softest of all sciences, and yet the pronouncements of some academic pronouncements of a group of those jackoffs have given us "supply-side economics". They come up with "laws" like "supply and demand" and hang on to them despite the fact that they fly in the face of reality.

To make matters worse, economists' math is just awful.

I'm old enough to have actually taken a course from Milton Friedman. I was just a 17 year-old university freshman at the time, but even in my hormone-addled state I could tell he was full of shit, and he was better than most.

"Lead us in a few words of silent prayer." -- Bill Peterson, former Houston Oiler football coach