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So why has every environmental initiative in the past 40 years been pushed by the Democrats and resisted by the Republicans?
How the fuck did this get +4 insightful? The Kosdot is strong today. Let's go back less than 40 yrs ago to the Byrd-Hagel resolution that passed 95-0 in the US senate prior to Clinton signing the Kyoto Protocol. Do you honestly believe there were 95 republican senators at that time? Hint there wasn't.

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by Beyond_GoodandEvil (#47624365) Attached to: Algorithm Predicts US Supreme Court Decisions 70% of Time
No, the original intent was to ensure that slave owners could form militias to prevent slave revolts. The Founders were well aware of the inability of militias to stand against a professional army as consistently demonstrated in the American Revolution.
Federalist #46 would be to differ.

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by Beyond_GoodandEvil (#46660303) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO
Political correctness is passing policies that mandate one fourth of your female workforce must be lesbians because one in four women have had a girl-girl experience
Important question, are they hot? Is there video evidence of this? I do enjoy the whole let's go back and examine any and all statements made by those who oppose gay-marriage, and scour over the record with a fine tooth comb, but don't you dare quote any semi-Marxist clap-trap proponents or allies of the issue have said, regardless of silliness or evidence of bad outcomes that such clap-trap leads to.

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Yet they never lost a satellite through an error made at that faciilty. The USSR has lost satellites through such errors. NASA has. COMSAT has. But not all those old guys in Sunnyvale.
How'd they do all that while being on top of a Hellmouth? Didn't the frequent vampire attacks make their jobs difficult?

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by Beyond_GoodandEvil (#46481667) Attached to: Conservation Communities Takes Root Across US
By the way, I live in downtown "Union/Democrat mismanagement-ville" (Chicago) and pay around $6,000 in property taxes on my $500,000 condo. Combined with a low state income tax, negligible commuting costs and a high salary, I have very little to complain about.
So rampant gun violence doesn't bother you?

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Also, I find it laughable that so many republicans are concerned about 'welfare' and 'entitlement' yet happily sign on for farm subsidy bills that cost trillions, to keep the votes from fat-ass, lazy, uneducated, corn-fed, bigoted midwesterners rollin' right in.
You do realize that a good portion of those farm subsidy bills was nutrition aid for all those single mothers and urban poor, who aren't voting for the same bunch of politicians as those bigoted midwesterners(I'll leave out an approximation as to just how uneducated or uninformed one party's base is as compared to the other). The only party that matters, the grow govt. and its power over the people party "the appropriators" is the true enemy of a free people.

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