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Comment Re:Uber of Software Development? (Score 1) 181

You're certainly right about these not being new ideas

Alienation: (in Marxist theory) a condition of workers in a capitalist economy, resulting from a lack of identity with the products of their labor and a sense of being controlled or exploited.

You're going to be lucky to get what you pay for, developing this way. Most likely you'll get worse.

Comment existing installed software (Score 1) 665

Man, this is going to have a lot of unintentionally surprising effects. In my own software shop, we're definitely testing new versions in a Windows 10 environment, but any number of users are (for perfectly good reason) using old releases. I don't know of any reason our older releases *won't* run on 10, but it's completely untested ...

Comment Finally, congress will save us. (Score 1, Insightful) 150

I mean, it's really a shame about gun-related deaths, traffic deaths that outnumber even those, crumbling infrastructure that makes us look closer to third-world every day, and higher infant mortality numbers than seen anywhere else in the western world, but at least they've taken a firm hand on ticket scalpers. It's like the f-ing cavalry showing up in the nick of time to save us. Thanks, really! Signed, America

This October Was the Hottest Ever Measured ( 369

GregLaden writes: Scientists track the global surface temperature, an average of readings from thermometers at approximately head height, and an estimate of sea surface temperatures, in order to track global warming. Over the last year or so we have been seeing many record-breaking months. Now, both the Japan Meteorological Agency and NASA have identified October as an extraordinary month. October 2016 is significantly warmer than any other in the NASA record, which goes back to 1880.

Comment High School and the S&E (Score 1) 220

Concise/Sama&Etani ST600 was my go-to in high school. A circular slide rule, it had a little insert with an incredibly detailed, dense plastic cheat sheet (the sheets varied, math-oriented, chem oriented, etc.) and a periodic table on the back. Shirt-pocket sized, if you wore the right pocket protector ;-) Pics at the link just fill me with nostalgia (for my visual acuity at the time; sucker's hard to read now ... sigh).

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