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Comment: Re:Juggle multiple gmail accounts (Score 1) 265

by Barryke (#48138549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Can't Google Block Spam In Gmail?

You could do without making each forward..
I use a domain name with catch-all email, so everything gets sent straight into my inbox. And it works perfectly. No labels for these, i just search on the email address.

Whenever i subscribe, i just make up any address i deem fit..
Now, whenever StoreX leaks my email to spammers, i can just block .. but in reality i dont even need to do that as gmail apparently picks up on it before i do.

Comment: A few every 6 weeks.. to train the spam filter? (Score 1) 265

by Barryke (#48138503) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Can't Google Block Spam In Gmail?

I just checked; my gmail catched 40 spams yesterday. I think the daily average is higher, especially since i also have a catch-all that forwards to gmail.

About once every 6 weeks i see upto 5 false positives in 3 consequent days, and i think this could be deliberate: to help train the spam filter. Oddly these mostly have some tie to my past search/browse history, which is not creepy but logical in my hypnosis.

To me, the gmail spam filter is near perfect. I go as far to advise clients to use a gmail account if only as a pass-through spam filter..

Comment: Or are we inside this black hole? (Score 1) 109

by Barryke (#47701557) Attached to: Why the Universe Didn't Become a Black Hole

I wonder why nobody pointed out the real possibility of our 3D universe being inside a black hole.
I could even imagine temporal displacement causing us to see the bigbang as a instant event, while on the outside its just near ethernity.

I've often wondered about this, only to end up with the question how many black holes deep we are..

Comment: Re: Astronomy, and general poor night-time resu (Score 1) 550

by Barryke (#47529531) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

I'm still supposed to get dilated yearly so they can check inside, a detached retina is apparently a very real possibility since my eye is so "long". They dilate me because otherwise it's like trying to look into a room thru a peephole - their words not mine.

I'm no eyexpert..
Get dilated, what does that mean? Do they alter the way your eye dilates, like changing its settings?

+ - Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa->

Submitted by Barryke
Barryke (772876) writes "Verizon has blamed Netflix for the streaming slowdowns their customers have been seeing. It seems the Verizon ">blog post defending this has backfired in a spectacular way: The chief has clearly admitted that Verizon has capacity to spare, and is deliberately constraining capacity from network providers. The Level3 blog posted in reply to Verizon show a diagram visualising underpowered interconnect problem, and offer a free upgrade for Verizon hardware: the interconnect network cables and ports to plug them in. "(..) these cards are very cheap, a few thousand dollars for each 10 Gbps card which could support 5,000 streams or more. If that’s the case, we’ll buy one for them. Maybe they can’t afford the small piece of cable between our two ports. If that’s the case, we’ll provide it. Heck, we’ll even install it." It seems there isn't much more to say, although i am very curious to the response of the ISP about this straight forward accusation of throttling paying users."
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+ - How Hard Is It to Shoot Down a Plane?->

Submitted by astroengine
astroengine (1577233) writes "Ukrainian government officials say Russian-backed rebel forces shot down a Malaysian Airlines flight with 295 passengers and crew over the embattled border region on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The commercial flight was cruising at 33,000 feet, making it too high for a shoulder-launched missile and more likely that it was targeted by a radar-guided missile defense system, according to military experts. “It does seem depressingly likely,” said Mark Galeotti, a professor of global affairs at New York University currently studying Russian security issues in Moscow. “We know the rebels have the Buk missile system. We know they have shot down planes in the past. They may have believed it was a legitimate target.” Although the Buk system is designed to shoot down fast-moving military aircraft, a high-flying jetliner would have been an easy target. And although it would have been carrying a civilian transponder, if the anti-aircraft missile was being operated by a novice controller, mistakes were most likely made."
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Comment: I already stopped buying BF3 and BF4 (Score 1) 208

by Barryke (#47314641) Attached to: The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of <em>Battlefield</em>

For me, BF2 already was on the edge of decency.

I already stopped buying BF3 and BF4, this is why:
- I dont want DLC forced on me. I want to buy it once for 40 bucks and play it forever.
- I dont want to earn better weapons. I want to play it at once, not being able to blame losing on that opponents superior riffle.
- I dont want to have to buy a new computer. I want to play it for 40 bucks.
- I dont want to pay 60 bucks. I want to play it for 40 bucks.

Sadly there are not much vehicle centered first person war games. I dont really appreciate the infantry city maps that BF centers on.

Comment: Re: nissan or mazda? (Score 1) 137

by Barryke (#47252797) Attached to: BMW, Mazda Keen To Meet With Tesla About Charging Technology

Mazda also stated the mission to first invest in improving the Gasoline engine, as there is much to be gained in effeciency and performance.
The SkyActive engines sport a higher compression than Formula 1 cars ever had (!) which is insane.

I agree with that Mazda mission, but do hope they go all-in for an Electric+Hydrogen engine rather soon than later. To bad this article only mentions Nissan, not Mazda. :(

Comment: Burner phone with local SIM, and forget 4G (Score 1) 259

by Barryke (#47162863) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do 4G World Phones Exist?

Dont bother with 4G, and you'll find plenty of multiband phones.

First off, consider buying a burner phone and sell it afterwards. Put a local SIM card in the device, so it can call local numbers cheaper. Lots of advantages here.

Second, if you do insist on one phone to rull them all, please do forget about 4G. Even with 4G coverage you wont exceed 3G speeds without looking for a very specific (unrealistic) scenario. Unless she wants to broadcast live video from her phone in HD, ofcourse.

Comment: Re: Article summary doesn't match article content (Score 1) 103

by Barryke (#46917373) Attached to: ISS Studies Show Bacteria From Earth Could Colonize Mars

> You're missing the whole point of /. which is discussion. Just like a call in talk radio show, the source material doesn't need to be entirely accurate, objective, timely, thorough or any other standards you'd expect of real news. It's just entertainment.

A sad truth.

Vitamin C deficiency is apauling.