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Hamsterdan (815291) writes "Backblaze, which open sourced their Storage Pod a few years ago, is now giving drive failure rates. They currently have over 27,000 consumer grade drives spinning in Backblaze storage pods.

Almost 13,000 each are Seagate and Hitachi drives, almost 3000 Western Digital drives and a too small for statistical reporting smattering of Toshiba and Samsung drives.

One cool thing: Backblaze buys drives the way you and I do: they get the cheapest drives that will work. Their workload is almost hundred percent write. Because they spread the incoming writes over several drives their workload isn't very performance intensive either."

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Exactly - they come with all those things. However, at Backblaze we run both our 25,000 consumer hard drives and the enterprise drives in RAID arrays, and the consumer drives are run in enclosures that have MORE vibrations => and still the consumer drives performed better from a reliability perspective.

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Exactly - companies make money on "extended warranties"; that's why they offer them (and why many companies push them so hard.) Like insurance, they are doing math to determine a price point where the average failures cost less than the amount they charge. If a single failure is not catastrophic to you (for example, your house burning down), you shouldn't pay for the risk-adjusted extra cost.

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Yes, many of the vendors require you to use "their" hard drives. For example, at Backblaze, the Dell storage systems we use for for the central servers have "Dell" drives. Realistically, those are simply WD or Seagate drives with a different badge. Regardless, the failure rate of these drives that are "by Dell, for Dell, in a Dell"...still fail more often that plain 'ol consumer drives.

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