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Submission + - HP surpasses Dell to become worldwide PC leader

buzzardsbay writes: "The good folks at VARBusiness Magazine have fleshed out an iSuppli report showing HP taking the top spot in PC shipments for the first time since 2003. HP shipped 9.9 million PCs in the third quarter of 2006, up 16.7 percent from a year ago. I guess that proves Carly was right all along. The news all around the PC business seems rosy as nearly every manufacturer's star is on the rise... everyone except Dell, that is.. Dell posted a 1.9 percent decline in shipments from last quarter to 9.8 million units and their 3.4 percent increase in sales year-to-year lagged the 11 percent growth rate for the PC industry as a whole."

Submission + - NIST condemns paperless electronic voting

quizzicus writes: "Paperless electronic voting machines "cannot be made secure" according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In the most sweeping condemnation of voting machines issued by any federal agency, NIST echoes what critics have been saying all along, that due to the lack of verifiability, "a single programmer could 'rig' a major election." Rather than adding printers, though, NIST endorses the hand-marked optical-scan system as the most reliable."

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