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Comment Re:umm (Score 1) 58

The draft of this bill states, "PROHIBITION.—It shall be unlawful for any person to access, without authorization, an electronic control unit or critical system of a motor vehicle, or other system containing driving data for such motor vehicle, either wirelessly or through a wired connection."


IANAL and this is not legal advice. My reading of this makes me believe that if I own a vehicle and am not legally precluded from accessing data due to another law such as DMCA then this law would not preclude me from accessing the data. As the owner I would be the one whom authorizes accessing the data. If I buy a computer from Dell running Windows I don't have to get authorization from Dell or Microsoft to access data on or created by that computer.

Comment Re:Can some explain the puzzles? (Score 1) 180

I believe this is a scenario that could cause two threads performing a incl instruction without lock added to overwrite the same memory address in such a way that the end result would be 2.

thread 1, iteration 0 of 9999: load 0 from memory

thread 2, iteration 0 of 9999: load 0 from memory
thread 2, iteration 0 of 9999: add 1 to 0 = 1
thread 2, iteration 0 of 9999: save 1 to memory

...thread 2 iterates multiple times...
thread 2, iteration 9998 of 9999: load 9998 from memory
thread 2, iteration 9998 of 9999: add 1 to 9998 = 9999
thread 2, iteration 9998 of 9999: save 9999 to memory

thread 1, iteration 0 of 9999: add 1 to 0 = 1
thread 1, iteration 0 of 9999: save 1 to memory

thread 2, iteration 9999 of 9999: load 1 from memory
thread 2, iteration 9999 of 9999: add 1 to 1 = 2

...thread 1 iterates multiples times....
thread 1, iteration 9999 of 9999: load 9999 from memory
thread 1, iteration 9999 of 9999: add 1 to 9999 = 10000
thread 1, iteration 9999 of 9999: save 10000 to memory

thread 2, iteration 9999 of 9999: save 2 to memory

Comment Re:Just in time. (Score 1) 219

The average read/write speed of this drive is 150MB/sec with a maximum sustained read rate of 190MB/sec. See

Assuming only the average read/write rate it would take 14 hours and 48 minutes to simultaneously read from one drive and write to another.
8*1000*1000/150/60/60=14.81 hours

Comment Re: WTF Is A "Feature Phone"? (Score 3, Informative) 243

"A feature phone is a mobile phone which is priced at the mid-range in a wireless provider's hardware lineup.[dubious – discuss] The term "feature phone" is a retronym. It is intended for customers who want a moderately priced and multipurpose phone without the expense of a high-end smartphone."

In my mind there's 3 general categories to mobile phones:
1. basic phone - Can make and receive phone calls. Example: Jitterbug phone
2. feature phone - Supports limited browsing of web, changing ringtones, very basic games or applications and makes/receives phone calls. Example: Nokia 6020.
3. smart phone - Runs an OS like Android or iOS with an application pool of thousands of applications to do similar functions as a PC along with making and receiving phone calls. Example: Samsung Galaxy S5

Comment Re:Much Wrong Here. (Score 5, Informative) 110

It still is raw. If you follow the link in the summary "looking for help" it takes you to their page where they show you the before and after videos via youtube and give you access to the raw footage. Here's the link they provide to the raw footage:

Comment Re:Sounds like BS to me (Score 3, Informative) 230

If you read the letter they sent to US based search engines you will find they are only talking about FTC Act Section 5 which I believe is codified in 15 USC 45(a).

If you read that section of the law you will find that it mostly just applies to US businesses.

Do you have any actual evidence that the FTC is trying to assert authority over a non-US based business that runs a search engine?

Comment Re:Before blaming the evil right for this ruling.. (Score 1) 643

Your premise is incorrect. The quote you used in your first sentence is from Karl Marx, a socialist not a liberal. Socialism and liberalism are quite different in many ways.

Comment Re:UPS does nothing for the common fault case. (Score 1) 204

Assuming you have sysrq keys enabled, you can hit alt-sysrq-s, wait for the sync to complete, alt-sysrq-u, alt-sysrq-b. This performs a filesystem sync then remounts all filesystems read-only then boots the system. Also if you have a stuck mount point you can always use a lazy umount (umount -l) to remove it from filesystem hierarchy so you don't need to reboot in the first place.

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