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Comment Re: SSN are not secret (Score 2) 57

In the early 80s, SSN became required to receive child tax deductions (I believe it was then, part of regan closing loop holes).

I suspect this is when you received your SSNs. I am born 81, but have the SSN of someone born a few years later myself.

The algorithm exists, but it's not based on birth, it's based on registration.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 207

Yeah, the summary sounds so stupid I'm almost tempted to read the article.

I think unfriending can be bullying, fo example if a group of people all decide to unfriend someone to ostricize them, or if someone tries to get other people to.

But simply unfriending someone that you don't wanna see their shit, and don't want them up in your personal life is totally fine (well should be).

Comment Re:Who doesn't want a gigantic money pit? (Score 1) 535

Apple consistantly bets on itself too.

They purchased a huge percentage of the world's flash market to release the ipod nano.

They purchased a huge amount of the retina screens before releasing the iphone with retina.

They buy up a huge percentage of the just now becoming mainstream tech, and for 6 months or so do it for cheaper than anyone else can possibly.

They'll likely do similar with cars.

Comment Re:Virtual Console in Wii Shop Channel anyone? (Score 1) 151

My main complaints with that suggestion are the 3DS screen is like 3 or 4 inches, my laptop is a 17 inch which is a lot like a small TV.

Which is generally irrelevant when you're holding a portable unit like 3ds, since it's closer to you, therefore bigger screen.

I would have to buy 2 3DS which would come to about 3 or 4 hundred dollars.

You could get player 2 to get his own.

All to play a couple of games I used to own before my storage locker was robbed.

This is why having insurance is good.

Or I can emulate the games on the machine I want to play on, my big very nice laptop.

Which doesn't really help quality since pixel graphics tend to look worse on higher resolution screens.

But I have ZERO interest in buying two 3DS machines so I can get an inferior experience to the one I am already getting.

As an owner of current generation consoles, handhelds and a decent PC gaming rig, I believe I have a well rounded experience. I'm not seeing an inferior experience on equipment like 3DSes and I get the impression you're trying to justify something that isn't really a problem.

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 2) 370

Your first mistake was being an asshole. How do I know? Because people, as a rule, are lazy. I'm lazy. You're lazy. We're all lazy. So why, I'm forced to ponder, are so many people intent on fucking with you that it overcomes their natural laziness?

I've seen this happen to software developers who happen to not make complicated, hard feature some community wants. That's not being an asshole.

Comment Verification (Score 2) 191

I have a fairly new, fairly fancy phone running Android Lollipop, the recently degraded performance of which leads me to believe that it's infected with malware. That, and a friend who noticed a lot of strange activity coming from my phone's IP â" sorry, I don't have the logs

I don't believe your friend. Verify it yourself first.

Comment Re: Theory (Score -1) 591

"But you pretend to know that a God created everything. You probably pretend to know the exact nature of that God. But "evolutionist" are the know it all jerks." He doesn't have to pretend to know. It's quite clearly written in the Bible, you know, the thing you don't want to read because you might learn something. For someone accusing someone else of pretending to know a lot you sure are making a lot of assumptions about someone you don't know. If you would read the Bible you would know that it isn't possible to ever know everything about God. One can still pretend but those who read the Bible know that it would never be possible to achieve that. Evolutionists need more faith that their idea is true than the people whose faith they are trying to prove wrong. Evolutionists and their followers are full of hubris. They believe Man can find all the answers and that any answer given to us by God is fake information given to us by other humans who wrote the Bible. Man's answers, such as evolution, are backed by conjectures that can't be proven because no one was alive to know if they are true. Evolutionists only exist to give atheists some peace of mind.

Comment Re: Translated (Score 1) 451

In my focus it would cut acceleration if the wheels were spinning faster than the car was moving (ever so rarely when starting in rain and a decent amount in snow)

When trapped in snow or mud, you need to spin the wheels a little bit. Also when powering through a puddle you probably shouldn't be driving through

The owners manual explains reason one in the how to get out of a snow drift section.

Going the speed of light is bad for your age.