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Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 2) 240

Full integration with Active Directory, for fine-grained permissions over all aspects of the mail/calendar system.

Have more in depth permission schemes in Zimbra actually.

For example, with Exchange and AD, I can create a distribution group, and delegate "ownership" of that group to a specific user, so they can add/remove users to that group. I can set that group to "open" or "closed", meaning users can either join it/leave it without owner approval, or not.

Can do that in Zimbra.

I can give an arbitrary user access to another users entire mailbox, or give them only permission to "send as" a different user, or distribution group.

Can do that in Zimbra, the sharing function are actually a much nicer set of ACL options than what Exchange/Outlook provides.

I can allow only certain users to send to specific addresses, meaning I can have a "My Entire Company" distribution group that only specific people can send mail to.

Can do that in Zimbra.

And then there are similar permissions/delegation options for calendars, and Public Folders, and even Skype for Business. If you have VoIP phone systems, and compatible phones, you can even access all of your mail/calendar/Skype messages from your phone.

You can do this in Zimbra, however for the VoIP stuff, you'll need a 3rd party addon (it exists, because I use it). As for the Skype for Business/Lync, I don't really know, but Zimbra has a built in instant messaging solution that works too.

I can set deletion and archive polices for each user, or a group of users. I can set mailbox size limits per user, or per group. I can create a "discovery search", meaning I can allow access to a user's mailbox, but only for mails that meet a specific search criterion.

Can do that in Zimbra.

And of course, there is a cottage industry of add-ons for Exchange to do a million other things. Mimecast, for example, allows automatic off-site archiving of all email (with an Outlook plugin to search the mail), and automatic failover to Mimecast's servers if Exchange goes offline.

Plenty for Zimbra too.

It's just endless. Exchange has no real competition.

Where Zimbra can't beat Exchange on is complete perfect integration with Outlook. It does however beat Exchange and Outlook on their offered functionality.

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