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Comment Re:Why not just use English, and only English? (Score 1) 196 196

According to

Chinese are apparently first when it comes to native speakers. What data distinguishes whether someone can speak it as a second language and what level of language knowledge does the person have to know to be counted to speak that language?

Comment Re:Why not just use English, and only English? (Score 1) 196 196

In practice, English is the only language we need.

I think Chinese is the only language we need, it's already the most spoken language in the world.

It uses a sensible alphabet that's easy to represent digitally.

Chinese is too.

It's a democratic language that will draw from other languages where necessary and useful.

Chinese does too.

It's a language that has proven it can adapt to changing circumstances.

Chinese does too.

Comment Re:Democracy (Score 1) 431 431

Europe was torn by wars all over its history and it will happen again without the European Union.

I think the EU will be the cause of the next European war, because it's politicians are so disconnected and are not accountable. If the EU were a bank, it would have been shut down 15 years ago when the creditors first started to refuse to sign off on the accounts. The corruption and dysfunction in the EU is terrifying.

I don't want VAT (economists have shown that this is stagnating our economy), I don't want a single currency union (see current Greece situation), I don't want the common fisheries policy (environmental hell, over fishing), I don't want the free movement of people's (so racist, treating other countries, even our own colonies different over other people), I don't want European standards (some of which are so ridiculous it out prices us through regulation from being competitive with anyone else and does not take into account all the geographical differences and circumstances involved).

Oh sure, we have free trade, but we can have free trade without the EU. After all, if Iceland can do it, there is no reason why we can't.

Comment Re:Democracy (Score 1) 431 431

So the real issue isn't money for Greece (its debts that could be easily absorbed by Europe)

Considering it's forced countries to borrow from other creditors (since they couldn't afford it) at higher rates while enforced to lend at lower rates to Greece and required redefining GDP calculations to make it seem like they're running afloat (through defining that borrowed money as 'revenue generated'), I don't believe you really know what you are talking about.

Comment Re:Right to protest (Score 1) 333 333

I like the convenience of knowing how much my ride will cost beforehand.

I've had no problem booking a taxi on the fly and getting a fixed price set over the phone before the Taxi even arrived.

I like the payment to be something that I don't need to personally give the driver.

Outside of cash, I'm able to pay taxis by phone app, card in the cab and even cab over the phone to an operator.

Comment Re:Spending money on more = good? LOL! (Score 1) 290 290

Post 2/2, stupid lameness filter:

It's not HOSTS' problem

It's still resulted in a broken part of the OS.


You know, one of the few cases where I would genuinely consider using hosts file blocking is on a device that moves around a lot, across different networks like a laptop (and this is because some hotspots prevent doing DNS lookups outside of using their DNS server). However, breaking the DNS cache is a no go when you have to deal with connectivity issues of various wireless networks and mobile phone signal issues.

P.S.=> You're FAV COLOR = 'transparent' since you're SO EASY TO SEE THROUGH!

I don't think 'transparent' can be defined as a colour.

Well, I "SEE YOU" troll

If I really wanted to get a rise out of you repeatedly, I could go on about how I noticed you seemed to have no responses regarding the other devices in my house hold that can't use hosts files, I also noticed you didn't have a response regarding the efficiency points I had. Nor have you acknowledged that there is no issue nor provided any data to counter what I found.

But, I don't need to in the course of this conversation, because I am not attempting to do so and I already know exactly why you haven't.

Comment Re:Spending money on more = good? LOL! (Score 1) 290 290

Post 1/2, stupid lameness filter:

AshFox piles on/spends "moar" more = good? Inefficient! More moving parts complexity for breakdown + SPENDING MONEY to do it ENTAILS THAT!

DD WRT is just a free opensource firmware firmware for a good chunk of Linux based consumer routers that numerous consumers likely already own, often providing better firmware than the original firmware.

Ahem:When you do a STUPID THING LIKE YOU DID, blocking COMPLETE DOMAINS when limited subdomains are the problem ONLY

I'd rather block entire domains that I know are under the control of malicious entities, risking them creating a new subdomain seems pointless considering how trivial it is with DNS.

(+ your datalists for the SAME data in blocking ARE LARGER & MORE COMPLEX for "deny" rules in DNS tables by far)

There are actually less rules because I set the domain (or subdomain) in question to have an invalid zone file, so the DNS server won't even store any information about it and just returns NXDOMAIN since it doesn't have any zone data at all. I don't need multiple entries for multiple subdomains if I cover an entire domain as well, thanks to the hierarchy nature of DNS.

Comment Re:Questions (answer them) ... apk (Score 1) 290 290

1.) Does everyone have a router of a nature you describe?

DD WRTs? They're just consumer routers.

2.) Does everyone have a hosts file?

No. There are devices in my home that do not provide access to a hosts file, such as the Logitech harmony, PS3, Wii, Wii U, the 3DSes, unrooted Android and iOS devices we have here. Do they all benefit from my DNS setup which redirects certain traffic through US proxies to get access to US-only content? Yes. Do they benefit from my DNS setup which blacklists certain really 'bad' advertisements and malware sites? Yes.

Pretty certain these other devices exist with numerous other consumers too.

3.) Do custom hosts files have less "moving parts" complexity/programs to run vs. other "so-called" (BRIBED) "solutions"?

And, they take up more memory than my solution. I have a TTL of 1 minute for blacklisted domains and they don't need to pre-loaded into all the PCs on the network, therefore reducing memory consumption on all systems involved. There isn't even setup effort at all involved for any system connected, any guest on our network automatically obtains these benefits.

4.) Do custom hosts files do MORE w/ LESS?

Nope, see what I'm doing with DNS. I don't need to waste memory or CPU of multiple systems in my house to pull it off.

5.) Have YOU incorrectly claimed I "broke services" using hosts?

Yes, your method actually breaks parts of windows that you have t turn off to make it function again, you can't deny it.

P.S.=> Lastly - Those aren't 'ad hominem attacks'

An ad hominem attack involves deviating from the current argument by attacking the person's character, rather the content of their arguments. That is exactly what you were doing with that point.

Comment Re:"Rinse, Lather, & Repeat": K.I.S.S. ... apk (Score 1) 290 290


If physical memory is an issue, setting up swap isn't an issue, Linux is particularly good at storing memory that doesn't get changed frequently on swap.

P.S.=> Besides Ash-Fox: Here's YOU telling us ALL ABOUT YOU & YOUR CHARACTER ONLINE

Resorting to ad hominem attacks is genuinely the sign of someone who isn't able to handle a discussions.

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