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Comment Re: What about the London Knowledge test? (Score 2) 113

1) the test has value and the driver's can remain a premium service, maybe even get added to uber like cabs in San fransisco
2) the knowledge is not if value and should be ditched.

I hear a lot of cab advocates trying to have it both ways. "it's no fair, our service is so much better because of the specific cars and the test, but uber drivers don't". If the service was so much better, there wouldn't be an issue, it's been a while since I was in London, but in northern Delaware, Philadelphia, and NYC, uber is far better than the cab companies. Probably because they know pulling bullshit will get them a low review and out of the service. In my location, I'd pay a 10% premium to use uber over cabs.

Comment Re: Just stop now (Score 5, Insightful) 113

I love uber because I live in a medium sized city (250k people in a 30-45 minute to cross by car metro area).

How it used to work with cabs:
I call, they ask where I am. They kind of grumble and asknwhere I'm going. Then they say, nope. Try again with company two, they agree, tell me a driver will be there in 45 minutes, driver comes in 90. Driver is a dick about the trip not being long enough, and refuses to take cards "oh, no, that's really just for the airport, that's why it's painted on our car that we accept them for all fairs". Driver also is always asking me for directions.

With uber. Push button, five minutes later a driver shows up, happily GPSs to my location, and I give them five star rating.

The cab industry's legality was merely a way for them to be abusively anti consumer. I'm glad a company came and skirted the law to make getting a ride something I can do and a pleasant experiance. If the cab industry's protectionism was a give and take, I'd feel different. For example the post office pretty efficiently delivers letters, and they do it cheaply nationwide, while maintaining plenty of physical presence. They're exclusive priveledge of non express mail allows them to service areas cheaply that never otherwise would be. The cab industry on the otherhand used the exclusivity to do the opposite ( only serve the absolute most profitable jobs).

Comment Re: Sounds like Good News for the Ocean (Score 2) 514

I would like labeling because I can afford to spend a little extra to stick to my values.

I think sterile (in therory) seeds of a monoculture are a long term risk to the food supply. If there was proper labeling, those of us with money could vote against that with our wallets, and at least give the non GMO producers a chance. Without labeling, all of the food will end up as GMO.

Additionally, there's been allegations that weeds are rapidly developing resistance anyway (I haven't seen anything that credible either for or against this), so in the end we end up using tons more herbicides (allegedly).

I'm not anti-GMO, and I eat corn products, so I definitely eat it, I still think it should need to be labeled.

Comment Re:"TV series" (Score 1) 438

I just purchased The Walking Dead, it was $28 for the season (I assume this cracks out to just under the $2/episode they charge if purchased individually). It's more than I want to pay, but the only part of the price that's outright offensive to me is that the HD version was nearly $50.

A TV show with ads gets about $2/viewer (for prime demographics, I did the math on Grey's Anatomy once), so the pricing is fair I guess.

What's always shocked me is that Hulu, with their ads, and base subscription isn't making companies extra money.
1) the ads are unskipable
2) view whenever means more viewers

They generally only have the same small handful of ads, and half are for Hulu itself, so clearly it isn't working, but I don't get why.

I will say that I'm a happy subscriber to the ad free version, and am still tens of dollars less a month than cable (I have Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and Internet, I'm actually contemplating dropping HBO and Hulu, and Internet and using free netflix streaming on Tmobile exclusively.

Comment Re: worse performance for all, ssh voip ueeles. 3 (Score 1) 161

They should prioritize VPNs.

Or at least offer a work from home package that does.

Added latency in my VPN would have me leaving my ISP.

They can't provide 10mbps per a second all of the time to everybody, well they can, but they wouldn't be able to sell it.

That type of bandwidth is expensive, that isn't to say that ISPs aren't over sold, only that a certain amount of overselling is necissary.

Comment Re: well then (Score 3, Interesting) 227

This exactly, though I don't mind images, and even a few frames of movement.

But Google upended advertising by doing less annoying ads than the competition, but targeting them well.

They remain relatively less annoying advertisers I think, but they should definitely lead by example.

Of course this benefits them, they're powerful data collection means they can do beat with the simple ads, simpler advertising will give them more market share.

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