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Comment Re: Archimedes had calculus (Score 1) 153

Older than your examples even. There were some germanic translations very early in the Church.

A Bishop in 3-4 hundred CE translated the old testiment.

There was also a similarly old translation of the new testiment that also updated to a germanic setting.

This was after early missionaries desired poorly using more agrressove tacticts.

  The second wave of missionaries into the germanic areas are why so much of the celebrations in the west are germanic in root.

Comment Re: Wha? (Score 1) 217

As a T-Mobile user, I can say I have better speed than my comcast account in most of my area, and I used it to watch Netflix when traveling.

Now I even use it as a hotspot to watch 0 rated Netflix (or hulu ) on a laptop where it often out performs shitty hotel WiFi.

  Additionally, though I've always had unlimited data, I have been worried that of I regularly break 20gb there may be issues, with binge on I'm less so.

Note, theyjnever complaigned about my data, but I've been worried.

Comment Re:Wha? (Score 1) 217

Or, it's because Tmobile wanted to let their customers stream as much as they wanted as a selling point, and they had to do it in a neutral way because of the law.

I personally think that BingeOn is
1) network neutral
2) proof that all of the complaints about "innovating" services that the other providers said wouldn't be possible with net nuetrality was a bunch of bullshit.

But, if BingeOn in not network neutral, I'm left, as a consumer, believing that maybe the big corps were correct, and network neutrality is going to hurt me as a consumer.

Comment Re:Wha? (Score 1) 217

They aren't though, if a server doesn't give up lower quality video for slow connections it doesn't work at all, and of you want to download a video for later viewing using your 30+mbps, its going to take 20 times longer.

Look at my other posts, I think it's a great policy, but honestly, it's a seperate feature from BingeOn, and it's not very prominently stated.

It's an option I'd turn on if I had a metered connection even. But it is not really part of providing zero metered traffic.

I still think this is a minor quibble, and the mention of it could very well arguably make it a consumer choice, and not non-neutral, but it's weird that they were sneaky about it.

Comment Re:Wha? (Score 1) 217

I somewhat agree with this on principal.

The throttling of other video to extend data usage should be:
1) optional
2) explaioned closer.

the small print, we also optimize other video services so you can stream more of them too (or however it was phrased) was not prominent enough to be right IMO, but certainly I would think meets the legal threshold of this is a consumer making the choice, which I think would count as neutral.

Comment Re:Wha? (Score 1) 217

This is what I'm wondering too.

If an open access (for providers) program allows consumers to get zero rated content violates neutrality, as a consumer, I may need to change my stance on this.

Right apology letters to my senators and representatives and ask them to work on this issue with the lobbyists.

This isn't like Comcast streaming On Demand being zero rated while my Netflix isn't, and Netflix isn't allowed in on it, this is Carriers and Producers coming together to give consumers an option for zero rated content. Producers can sign up with very little cost or penalty.

Comment Re:Manufacturing costs also fall (Score 1) 270

Everybody I know checks itemized vs standard deduction, and goes with whichever gets them more money.

They also pay non-home loans first whatever the interest because of deductible interest.

Oh, home equity? lets use that to buy a car.

I'm not convinced that normal middle class people don't minimize the taxes they pay.

This is setting aside the fact that most contractors under-report income.

Comment Re: Not Facebook (Score 1) 250

Facebook treated mobile like a joke, completely ignored it, then realized they were wrong.

Very quickly they became one of the companies best at monetizing mobile. They've also found a pretty good way to sell add space that isn't too annoying.

They've gone fromna way to find friends in college to an address book of all of the people in your life with stupid news, jokes, and photos mixed in.

I actually think Facebook is fairly adaptable, and actively trying to stay ahead of the competition.

Comment Re:Politician-Speak (Score 1) 875

The fact that he used to be a democrate makes him not a republican now?

He has suport of 1/3 of republicans, significantly more than any other candidate for president.

He may not be conservative, but he is most certainly republican. Perhaps the party itself has become less conservative with the focus on morality it has really focused on in the last few decades.

Comment Re: The Cloud: 1, Users: 0 (Score 1) 432

I guess I can stop recommending Nests around here, as that's basically why I purchased the Nest, and it has been kind of glitchy, and has some other stupidity too (for example, I can't access my usage history without searching my email, which is kind of stupid, they track all of the data, why not let me see my usage year on year with daily highs and lows?)

Comment Re: The Cloud: 1, Users: 0 (Score 1) 432

My issue with my last house what that it wouldn't cut off soon enough.

If I set the temp for 68 in the morning, and 65 overnight, it'd overshoot to 70+ depending on the weather conditions outside (aside from having to manually program heat up times).

It sounds like newer systems may have this under control, but the reason I purchased the nest was primarily for the "true radiant" setting. The ability to remotely control I thought was stupid, but I actually use that a good bit too.

I understand a modern house would also solve some of these problems (forced air heats quicker and doesn't overshoot, decent insulation makes outside weather less relevant).

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