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Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 1) 172

One of the funny moments on this site was a series of posts in a range of articles by an MS fanboy that kept saying the MS stuff was superior to *nix due to the "run as" functionality. He didn't seem to know that *nix has had the entirely equivalent "su" since before the MS stuff even had usernames, he'd only heard the preaching of another fanboy about how wonderful the feature was and how MS had invented it.
That summed up the attitude nicely.

Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 1) 172

If you use Office, you'll get the best service with an Exchange server

True, MS Outlook is very flaky at times doing normal email unless the server is in the same building. I've had to get users onto a VPN simply because MS Outlook does SSL so badly. Phones with 1/10 the CPU on congested networks perform better picking up mail than a fast machine with MS Outlook.

Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 1) 172

It's a massive suite of stuff that people like to pretend is one program whenever comparisons are made.
So if it performs worse than any other available MTA the excuse is "but can an MTA do this" when it's an entirely different part of the suite doing the job.

Exchange. The name itself is very good advice on what to do with it. A positive is it did lead to Volume Shadow Copy because there was no reliable way to back up MS Exchange files without stopping the services and not letting users open their mailboxes for the duration.

Comment Re:Cryptocurrency Advice (Score 1) 194

Seriously, you didn't see that coming from day one? The deflation was massive clue number one. An anonymous founder is massive clue number two. The ponzi is shiny and techno but it's only the surface part of the stuff in cryptonomicon etc and not indicative of any goods, services or property behind it. There is no promise of value at all, merely a shiny distraction baited for geek.
Good article though, showing that even the smoke and mirrors are substandard at this point.

Comment Re:Exchanges Can Buffer You From Fluctuations (Score 1) 194

Yugioh: Duel Monsters Online Exchange

Obviously so much more of a professional financial services company than MTGOX (Magic The Gathering Online eXchange) :)
If this bitcoin stuff was in a novel the editor would throw that part of the plot out due to the characters getting fooled again.

Comment Re:And is an example of the worst... (Score 1) 108

One reason why there was prosperity for all and not only the top 1% was related to the strength of unions. As the unions in the US got weakened and disbanded, so did the salaries and rights of workers decrease. The working class lost a lot of their negotiating power, and by now even lost the memory of those different times and conditions.
In the 50s, 60's and 70's, being left-leaning actually meant something. Today it's often a synonym of politically correct moron. Back in those decades the ultra-rich feared socialists and communists. Today's "liberals" are no threat to them. They would be ecstatic if Hillary became president.

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