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Comment third of three? (Score 1) 19

One of the most important characteristics of a planet...

There's three characteristics, and this is probably the least important. But if you consider all three to be "the most" important, then I suppose it's one of them. That seems like a pretty silly way to express yourself, though. Personally, I'd probably just say "one characteristic".

Also note that we're talking about the IAU definition, which is not necessarily the only definition. Dictionaries still haven't accepted the IAU definition, and may never do so, because the IAU defines a planet as orbiting the sun, while science fiction writers continue merrily talking about planets around other stars, and show no signs of changing.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 215

You still don't have an answer about i3 vs i7

Ah, so you lie to support your position. I answered that, you just feed lies and insults. You can't tell them apart either, or you'd have an answer. I have mine in your inability to answer my simple question (aside from breaking open an display unit and hooking up power meters to it, or running special apps to display test patterns that would highlight differences - both proof that the display itself isn't very different).

As you refuse to answer the question, and just hurl insults, I'm done. But thanks for such a long argument when you clearly agree with me, as you haven't contradicted me once, just insulted and argued. I'm sorry that reality doesn't agree with your opinion, but when the two conflict, holding on to your opinion is a mental illness, and I have no time for willful idiots like yourself. This would have been much easier if you had just told the truth, as all your answers are summed up by "they are the same, but I prefer OLED for reasons I can't articulate".

Comment Re: Random .PNG file? (Score 1) 32

It doesn't. It just needs to be a file that's encrypted and one that's not. You could have the tool generate it's own binary file with random contents, but that's not how the tool was made. The PNG doesn't need to be "on the Internet", it's just that when you have the infected system in Boston, and you are in Chicago, it's easier to have the Boston and Chicago systems access the same file from some public server, than to generate one locally and send it to the other system.

Comment Re: Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 215

In regular lighting both set to black while on look exactly the same. Perhaps if I were to go to a darkroom and turn both to max brightness to then display a black screen, one may see the difference, but with adaptive screen brightness, both will turn "black" down to the lowest level in a dark room, and LCD is not nearly as bad as asserted here, as the screen on minimum brightness gets minimal light leakage.

Again, all you can present is theoretical differences, thus, I must be deliberately obtuse in any response, as the person I'm responding to was deliberately obtuse in the first place.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 215

And most people can't tell the difference between a network cable and Are you arguing that there is a real difference between those because *you* can tell the difference, even if nobody else can?

Simply put, I went from LCD to OLED and the OLED was not an improvement, then went from OLED to LCD and the LCD was an improvement. That's not just my opinion, but the opinion of everyone that's seen my new phone. So I asked a simple question, and nobody can answer it, though they get quite angry that I'm even asking it.

That makes me push the issue, to see if anyone can actually answer it. So far many are 100% sure I'm wrong, but can't tell me an easy way to see a difference between an OLED phone and LCD phone as displayed in a typical store, side by side. I've compared my current LCD phone to an OLED in a store, and didn't see any difference.

Go on, tell me how to tell. If you can.

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 215

Ah yes, power consumption when black is the best meter. Like that's possible to see in a demo phone in a store. And how useful is that when my LCD phone has twice the run time as my OLED phone? It's a theoretical difference that:
1) isn't visible in a store, and
2) doesn't make a lick of difference in the real world

If it were easy to see the dominance of OLED, somone could point to something that can be seen on a demo phone in a store, without downloading apps to the phone, or changing the lighting in the store. So far not a single thing has met those simple and clear requirements, but people are lining up to tell me that I'm 100% wrong, but they just can't prove it, but that doesn't affect their belief in the Religion of OLED. Apparently more popular than the Pastafarians.

Comment It varries (Score 1) 232

Long ago, it was *much* cheaper to build than buy. Then Dell came. Dell sold computers for below the retail cost of the components. It became cheaper to buy. It has since remained cheaper to buy, if you match a pre-built system. It's cheaper to build if you spec a system that nobody sells. Systems rarely have vastly different level components. I built myself a gaming rig. It was built to compete with a friend's I spec'ed the best gaming video card for the budget, and did everything else as cheap as possible (while still of acceptable quality). The result was a computer $200 less than my friend's brand new computer, with better FPS for every game we tried. It was much slower at video encoding, but played games better.

Bought computers are hard to get anything that's not "cheap" "middle" "workstation" or "gamer". You can't have a gamer card in a cheap system, or vice versa. Building is good for flexibility, and picking components. Another time I built, I saw the CPUs as having a poor bang per buck, so I built a good system with the cheapest CPU I could find. 2 years later, when the system was pretty bad, I upgraded the CPU and had what would have been a top-end (out of my price range) computer for budget price, though a little late.

So the decision is personal and fluid, though many here think everyone should do as they do, rather than think for themselves.

Comment Re:WD Black the 3rd most broken item (Score 2) 96

If you bought a SATA when you wanted a PATA, how would warranty repair help you?

If you can return it to the retailer for a full refund the next day, and get another brand new one, why would you bother with a warranty return of any kind? 4-6 week replacement time at a retailer sounds quite illegal. It's a return of DOA and a new purchase, not a repair at the retail shop.

Comment Re:Can't Carbon be nuclear? (Score 1) 267

Details matter. You are looking to build a fusion reactor, and this reaction is far more difficult than the DT reaction that the fusion community is focusing on.

They're also working on the substantially harder p-B reaction (which only has a trace of neutron output due to impurities/side reactions). That's substantially harder (and worth it!) but still not in the ballpark.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.