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Comment Resizing an image is not patentable (Score 1) 177

the camera screens have smaller resolutions than the photo so you will need an algorithm to downgrade the image, that part is patentable. icloud does something similar where the photo stream images are lesser resolutions than the original. so i guess apple could have ripped them off if they used the same algorithm

You can't patent the general concept of resizing and image, you could potentially patent a particular algorithm to do this, that is non trivial and not well known (like compression algorithms can be patented).

Comment Horrible idea (Score 4, Insightful) 130

I'm sure the money is tempting but I really dislike this. I'm trying to imagine a future where publishers stop printing books, and we end up with an all eBook world that requires you to have a particular platform or device to read said books!

Do we really want to follow an "exclusive for this platform" model like consoles for books?!?!?

Comment Facebook friend lists are a pain to use!!! (Score 1) 163

That's why;

a) A lot of facebook users are not aware of the feature
b) Few users actually interact with them

The Friend Lists feature is badly designed from a usability standpoint. It is also pretty well hidden by facebook, and I don't mean that lists are hard to create (they're a pain compared to circle) but just the gymnastics users have to go through to use them with the padlock icon make this feature unusable to most.

It's also inconsistent on Facebook mobile. On their mobile webapp, it's not available, but on the iOS native app it is (and it's actually easier to use than the desktop app), although it's not obvious.

I've seen people dismiss circles like this before so I put it in screenshots to make the point;


What Kinect Could Be, But Probably Won't 143

An opinion piece at CNN looks at Microsoft's Xbox Kinect, praising the system's capabilities not for gaming, but for what it does to the video viewing experience. "The idea of being able to ditch your table full of remote controls and just use your hands and voice to interact with the TV is compelling. It's much nicer than QWERTY keyboards, which are a terrible idea in the living room. It's also better than Wii-like remote controls, or even using an iPad or smartphone as your TV remote, a feature that cable companies are increasingly rolling out." The problem, as they see it, is Microsoft's inability to actually bring this into common usage for regular television viewing. "It seems like the company is tied too much to the Xbox's substantial gaming revenue to split the Xbox TV stuff off as a separate product — even though there's a huge population of non-gamers who probably have no interest in buying an Xbox." Perhaps this is something that can be addressed by others when the Kinect SDK is released.

Submission + - Pay for your trip to Mars with advertising revenue (

braindrainbahrain writes: Is it time to think out of the box for funding space exploration? Governments are reluctant to commit money, and even private space tourism will only get us to low Earth orbit, but what about beyond that? In this article from the Journal of Cosmology, the author argues for a commercial, sponsored approach to finance the trip to explore and colonize Mars using advertising, naming rights, and merchandizing to raise the cash, not to mention reality TV. FTA: "The Human Mission to Mars, can be marketed and sold as the ultimate sports and reality TV extravaganza ...What could be more "real" than a Human Mission to Mars, where Astronaut heroes must overcome a grueling, competitive ordeal, with the "survivors" winning the right to face death while taking part in the ultimate adventure of all time? "

Comment I don't mean it like that at all (Score 1) 1359

Hopefully you read how I qualified my comment, I don't mean it as an excuse at all. I'm just expressing how I feel about this in the context of this past few weeks. I'm not even saying that's a fair criticism of what he's saying, just expressing my opinion with regards to this with my current state of mind. Ask me any other week and I'll probably be more receptive to it.

Just being honest.

Comment Sorry but ... (Score 3, Insightful) 1359

But to be quite honest with you, with what is going in Iran at this moment, your request seems frivolous.

I know I'm being a bit unfair, and that the mere existence of Iran doesn't excuse any violations into your privacy that you feel exist, but considering what is going on in the world this post seems ill-timed at best.

I think the word "freer" in this case is misleading, it almost sounds more like you crave for a society were privacy is respected and more protected, which I see as a different thing.

Comment In Tampa (Score 1) 538

I also work from home and live in Tampa. Don't really understand why they put Orlando on the list, it seems the writer doesn't like warm/sunny weather.

Every time I met with co-workers outside the state, or go to a conference, people ask me what the heck I'm doing outside of FL and express a wish to work here too. The weather is great, and yes we have hurricanes but at least you get a fair warning.


Submission + - Classpath hell just froze over (

An anonymous reader writes: At last week's JavaOne, Mark Reinhold declared "the classpath is dead". The blog post "Classpath hell just froze over" summarizes some of the presentations and discussions at JavaOne regarding project Jigsaw which aims to modularize the now very large JDK in the next release of Java (version 7 due in 2010). It also highlights some of the controversies and unanswered questions, mainly around native module distribution (you can install java modules as rpm packages) and issues with the OSGi alliance.

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