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Comment Re:Kill it with fire! (Score 2) 382

Except that a short time back, Congress passed a law that made it so that the TPP (as has been the case with many other trade agreements) only needs a simple majority in both Houses of Congress and the President's signature to become law. This is viewed as easier than getting the required 2/3s of the Senate to concur as would be required for a true treaty.

Interestingly enough, this suggests to me that getting rid of this "treaty" is as simple as a law passed by both Houses of Congress and signed by the President...without any negotiation with anyone. Unlike a treaty which is technically more difficult.

Comment Re:Obama loses even when he wins (Score 1) 109

Who was it again that turned Cuba into a testosterone test of who can be meaner and thus a bigger "man?"

Let's see, well it was JFK (Democrat) who first instituted the embargo of Cuba..Oh look than that "conservative" Bill Clinton expanded the economic embargo. What was Obama's party again?

Comment Re:Apropos of nothing... (Score 1) 471

No, the above poster merely pointed out that if your argument against Uber consists of "a law is a law, Period." then you are also arguing against Rosa Parks actions and the actions of others whose actions consisted in breaking the law in ways which are currently considered a good thing.

He in no way said that Uber's actions were equivalent to Rosa Parks, BUT the argument being used (a law is a law) applies equally to Rosa Parks as it does to Uber.

Comment Re:Apropos of nothing... (Score 2) 471

Doesn't matter. A law is a law. Period. Apropos of nothing, how do you feel about Rosa Parks not moving to the back of the bus?

I see that a lot of slashdot readers fail at reading comprehension and at basic logic. The above poster is NOT comparing Uber to Rosa Parks. They are pointing out that the argument "A law is a law. Period." applies against the actions of Rosa Parks as well. Or in other words, you have to explain why what Uber is doing is wrong, but what Rosa Parks was doing was not (unless of course, you think that what what Rosa Parks did WAS wrong).

There are others on here who ARE making arguments about why what Uber is doing is wrong (not everyone agrees with those arguments, but they are legitimate viewpoints nonetheless), but this particular argument ("A law is a law") has no merit.

Comment Re:I predict the future of a government API (Score 4, Insightful) 142

You seem to be missing the same thing the idiots trying to get this in place miss. If this gets implemented, it won't just be the governments with access...and because the people trying to implement this will want to be able to spy on people in government, it will be on government computers. If this gets implemented (and it may already be partially implemented), the world will get very ugly indeed, including for the people proposing it.

Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

Yes, I do know what a Sufi is. Of course, the fact that the father is a Sufi is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the father has acted as a provocateur in attempting on multiple occasions in attempts to magnify various incidents into "America is persecuting Muslims." I am going to guess from your take on this that you still think that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot.

Comment Re:Genius or not (Score 1) 662

Because Ahmed's father is a rather prominent agitator. It is not impossible that the cop had seen pictures of Ahmed with his father at one or more of the events where the father was agitating, or recognized him as his father's son just by looking at him. My father has been dead for over thirty years and people who knew him, but have never met me before, often recognize me as his son to this day.

Comment Re:Why not have publically funded education (Score 1) 143

You make some good points. However, Medicare costs a fraction of what private insurance costs at least partly because it does not actually PAY to full cost of procedures it the point that ever increasing numbers of health care providers are refusing to accept Medicare patients. As far as extra staff at hospitals and doctors offices, Medicare and Medicaid are responsible for more of those than private insurance companies.

I will agree that in many ways our funding for healthcare and higher education is the worst of both worlds. We have all of the problems of burdensome regulation and paperwork that serves no useful function that goes with government payment for a service, the burden of payment falling on individuals, AND none of the advantages that come from a free market.

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