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Comment Re:Ha (Score 0) 299

You make some very insightful posts.

Alas, it's quite unfortunate that you feel obliged to distract us from the *content* of your message by indulging in *attention-seeking behaviour* through forcing us to read it in a fixed-width font. Especially here, where I'm willing to bet that the majority of readers equate fixed-width with code. And you're not posting code. Maybe you don't realise it, but what you're actually accomplishing with that is to make it obvious that you suffer from low self-esteem, and that's totally unnecessary.

Why don't you get over yourself, and let your worthy message speak for itself?

Comment Re:Lol, "guidelines" (Score 1) 312

I don't use an ad-blocker, mostly because most of the sites I visit don't have that many ads. But occasionally I follow links from here or other forums to sites, usually based in the US, and I see what folks are complaining about.

Did anybody happen to see the travesty that took up about half of the main page yesterday on ArsTechnica? It made big multicoloured tracers follow your mouse pointer all over the freakin' page. AND it had a fake "close" button. What cocaine-encrusted marketing cretin thought that would be a nice thing to spring on people?

Comment Re:Should hit my monthly cap in 1/3 of a second (Score 1) 55

Not exactly, its GigaBytes per month and GigaBits of speed.

You'll have 8 times as long until you hit the plan cap, so 8/3 of a second or 2 and 2/3 seconds.

Way better ;-)

Again I have to say, this is like having a Ferrari that you can only drive a few minutes a month.

The cognitive dissonance between freaking tiny bandwidth caps and huge speeds just keeps growing.

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