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Comment: Re:other people's money (Score 1) 413 413

Unless, of course, you're a corporation. Then the money flows like beer at a frat party. That's all okay though, as long as some poor person doesn't get it. I'm much happier if I know at least ONE class of people has more boots on their throat than I do! ...stupid f'ing country....

Comment: Re:LOL@ Use-case (Score 1) 45 45

This is an utterly asinine statement. Being tracked constantly and often surreptitiously is a current social AND rights issue. What you're saying is just rolling over and asking to be kicked in the nuts by anyone with the desire to simply do harm. No thank you.

Comment: Re:Oh, please. (Score 1) 599 599

As far as the ACA goes, this is what I've seen :

Republicans put in the individual mandate as a handout to the insurance companies. (C'mon, you're going to seriously try to convince me that MANDATING that folks have healthcare, in effect giving insurance companies TONS of new customers isn't a handout?)
Republicans then campaigned against the mandate, because....reasons.
Republicans drag their feet, Republican states refuse to implement the plan, Republican states refuse to expand Medicaid.

Granted, Democrats have had their share of bullshit doings as well, but seriously... The Republican bullshit-fest, hand wringing, wailing and FUD are at *epic* levels. Never in my life have I seen so many ill-educated people argue against getting fucked over by corporations before. It's a demonstration of the power of advertising....especially FALSE advertising.

Comment: Re:Best money Tom Steyer ever spent (Score 0) 437 437

You know, for being so pro-big-government, the size of that government sure has been shrinking, eh? I'm guessing that by this logic, he's also really anti-gun...*ahem*.

Republicans and their Big Business overlords want smaller government for the same reason crooks want less police. It makes their lives easier. The Tea party is funded by the Koch bros, bankrolled practically from day one. If my contact with them is to be believed, they are ignorant and quite proud of that fact. Just look at all the climate change deniers hanging on to them, along with the hyper-religious anti-gay movement. Not prejudiced? Perhaps not on paper so to speak, but's not like you have to go very far to hear one of them waxing on about "legitimate rape" or some other such drivel. I have no love for that bunch of morons. They are what happens when you live in states that fund more prisons than schools.

Comment: Re:Presentation as seen on YouTube well done (Score 1) 61 61

I've been a weather spotter for years and one of my dream jobs has always been as a storm chaser. I thought this video was incredible and the explanations that I found in the comments really helped me understand some of the things that went over my head. Many thanks to all who contributed to the discussion....y'all rock!


NZ School Goes Open Source Amid Microsoft Mandate 305 305

Dan Jones writes "Kiwis have built an entire school IT system out of open source software, in less than two months, despite a deal between the New Zealand government and Microsoft that effectively mandates the use of Microsoft products in the country's schools. Albany Senior High School in the northern suburbs of Auckland has been running an entirely open source infrastructure since it opened in 2009. It's using a range of applications like OpenOffice, Moodle for education content, Mahara for student portfolios, and Koha for the library catalogue. Ubuntu Linux is on the desktop and Mandriva provides the server. Interestingly, the school will move into new purpose-built premises this year, which include a dedicated server room design based on standard New Zealand school requirements, including four racks each capable of holding 48 servers for its main systems. The main infrastructure at Albany Senior High only requires four servers, suggesting an almost 50-fold saving on hardware requirements."

Comment: Re:I missed it? (Score 1) 464 464

Actually, there is a "hero story arc" that basically outlines every hero story ever made. It originated back when we (humans) kept our history through story telling. I did a cursory search on google, but sadly wasn't able to find what I wanted. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?


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