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Comment: Re:What is limewire? (Score 5, Funny) 367

by AnonymousClown (#34339470) Attached to: RIAA Now Blames Journalists For Its Piracy Trouble

I personally would prefer we just stop using grammar. If the intention is clear then does it really matter?

I don't know.

From your original post:

...your still using limewire ...

My still is using limewire? Dude, what are you distilling? Some sort of lime tequila?

I kid! I kid!

Comment: The RIAA is correct. (Score 5, Insightful) 367

by AnonymousClown (#34339350) Attached to: RIAA Now Blames Journalists For Its Piracy Trouble
When I read PCMag's article, I wanted to illegally download music. Then, as I was reading the other links, I got to the RIAA's letter. Now, instead of wanting to illegally download music, I want to become a douchebag that bullies average people into paying money that they don't owe.

Speaking of which, I am hereby putting everyone on notice who has ever mod'ed me down, that they have cause me emotional distress and based upon the mathematical formulas that the RIAA uses, I will be suing you for

One hundred billion dollars for each moderation. But, we can settle now for just $50,000.

Comment: Re:Yeah, right. (Score 3, Insightful) 178

by AnonymousClown (#34337602) Attached to: Pirate Party's North American Debut

Unless and until a dictatorship is in place, there is always a legal means: getting elected and changing the copyright laws.

The thing is, can one or a handful of elected people make a change? In the States, Libertarian candidates actually get elected every once in a while, but I'm afraid nothing has changed.

But if one has quite a bit of money, it's amazing how the system just bends to your will.

The big corporate machines with all the cash will never allow anyone to change IP law.

Comment: Re:Interfering (Score 1) 890

by AnonymousClown (#34331888) Attached to: Next Step For US Body Scanners Could Be Trains, Metro Systems

Indeed. Why won't they believe that karma is indeed a bitch?

Many of us do. I resent the fact that I'm paying for a fucked up international policy. I don't like the fact that my government overthrew democratically elected governments just because they weren't Pro-American - see Iran 1950s.

I resent having to be taxed in order to support bases all around the World in order to "project power".

Many of these folks have a right to be pissed - NOT bomb civilians - but then again, they should look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really want to head down this road further.

They can really damage America just in the PR scene and cause the US a lot of grief without anyone dieing. They were on their way - then 9/11 and it fucked everything up.

Comment: Islamic Terrorism (Score 1) 890

by AnonymousClown (#34331586) Attached to: Next Step For US Body Scanners Could Be Trains, Metro Systems
The World Is Flat has a very interesting theory as to why Islamic Terrorism is happening and, according to the author, he has been approached privately by Muslims - especially Arabs - to tell him that he's right.

In a nutshell, the Muslim community feels that no one respects them.
They look around and see all this prosperity around the World except in their countries (Indonesia has come a long way since the book was written, btw).
The author also points out that the Muslim community really needs to have a hard look at themselves and the leaders they insist on backing. The need to stop this horseshit that America and Israel is keeping them down.

What we the US can do? Stop fucking with them. Stop overthrowing their Governments, for one. Stop "projecting power" for another - especially in the Muslim World.

Let's face it, the only group that's indiscriminately targeting American civilians in mass transportation are radicalized Muslims. Someone will probably mention McVeigh or go through the last few decades to come up with a list of a half dozen white guys who were "terrorists". They weren't terrorists. All of them had specific targets - people or Government buildings - in order to take those targets out: they were murderers. They were NOT targeting groups of Americans for the sake of creating terror.

Comment: Re:Wrong headline (Score 1) 426

by AnonymousClown (#34331150) Attached to: Students Banned From Bringing Pencils To School

All pencils and pens should be replaced with nice blunt magic markers.

Have to disagree with you there. You ever smell those things? There's some sort of mind altering chemicals in those things and we don't want our kids huffing Magic Markers and getting high! Just say No to Drugs!!

For math classes or other times when frequent erasing is needed, they can use an Etch-a-Sketch (tm).

Again, I disagree. The plastic can be smashed to make sharp implements to stab other students and that powder inside can be used to cause respiratory failure in a child, which will kill him or her.

Then there's the bus ride. We all know that traffic accidents are the major cause of death among you people, so they can't be driven to school or take the bus. They'll have to stay at home.

It's unfortunate, but school is just too deadly for our children.

Will someone think of the children and close our schools!

Comment: Re:Stop Buying Crap! (Score 4, Interesting) 595

by AnonymousClown (#34324080) Attached to: One Giant Cargo Ship Pollutes As Much As 50M Cars

. Buy a quality product that will last you the rest of your life ...

Easier said than done. Aside from things that are designed not to last, things wear out - regardless of their quality.

Also, how can you really tell? Consumer Reports doesn't do studies on how long things last on most of their reviews and even then, it's only for the first few years, like with appliances. And the "you get what you pay for" line is not true.

I just consume less overall.

Comment: Re:Tyrants don't need a reason... (Score 2, Insightful) 446

by AnonymousClown (#34321842) Attached to: Kuwait Bans DSLR Cameras Use For Non-Journalists

They did it because they can, and because nobody will punish them for their temerity with a bullet in the head.

They can't be tyrants because we, the US of A, liberated the Kuwaiti Royal Family and this monarchy from the evils of Saddam Hussein; which we then invaded Iraq to free its people from the oppressive tyranny of that tyrant in order to install a democracy.

Don't you just love US foreign policy?

If a 6600 used paper tape instead of core memory, it would use up tape at about 30 miles/second. -- Grishman, Assembly Language Programming