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Comment Re:It just seems bad because of the news cycle. (Score 1) 200

The news started with
"these are the 5 worst things that happened in our city"
then it became
"these are the 5 worst things that happened in our state"
"these are the 5 worst things that happened in our country"
and now it's
"these are the 5 worst things that happened on the planet"

And every day, somewhere, something really bad happened.

And people have trouble determining how likely that event is going to happen to them anytime soon [normally, a lottery ticket is more likely to hit].

In another few centuries, those supernovae in the Andromeda Galaxy will be front page news!

Comment Re:Ads are malware vectors, period (Score 1) 222

Recently, they had to give me a new hard drive on my work computer, and I had a virgin install of Firefox (no adblocker). I was on the web while waiting on work, and the anti-virus warned of a possible virus from one of the sites (might have been /. but not sure). The adblocker is back on.

Comment Re:encyption (Score 1) 259

I seriously doubt that any spy, agent or terrorist carries along encrypted plans. Even plans are not communicated. This has been understood for well over a thousand years of warfare. At best, there are a series of code words which are clues to events, but alone, are meaningless. Hence, if you are going to go through with a plan, you might communicate, "The match is on." But even that is suspicious. Probably something more along the lines of quoting some obscure text.

"Winter is coming".

Comment Re:Why Mars? (Score 1) 378

Venus's surface is around 460C (860F). Robotic probes sent to take photos of the surface melt. It's like the automatically cleaning cycle on decent ovens all the time. If you're looking at the moons further out, you're dealing with extreme cold. Mars is the only viable place beyond the moon based on how we can deal with the extreme temperatures. We also need gravity to be just right for any extended period, without which, we'll suffer with massive health problems.

Life is space isn't as easy as jumping on a spaceship and carrying on like it's a shopping mall. Forget the crap you see in TV and movies.

Are the outer moons any colder than the dark side of our moon? Not saying it would be practical, after all, we don't exactly have houses on our moon, or Mars, either. Just that they're not much worse than our moon or Mars.

Some people have a great ambition: to build something that will last, at least until they've finished building it.