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HP's Fury At Vista Capable Downgrade 499

More documents are coming out in court proceedings over the Vista Capable debacle. has good coverage of HP's fury over Microsoft lowering the requirements for a Vista Capable sticker, at Intel's request. "Intel officials may have been pleased that Microsoft lowered standards for obtaining the company's Windows Vista Capable logo program sticker, but the same can't be said about HP's execs. 'I can't be more clear than to say you not only let us down by reneging on your commitment to stand behind the [device driver model] requirement, you have demonstrated a complete lack of commitment to HP as a strategic partner and cost us a lot of money in the process,' said one e-mail from Richard Walker, the senior vice president of HP's consumer business unit, to [Microsoft executives]." follows the trail of accusatory emails inside Microsoft from there: "HP's email prompted then Microsoft co-President, Jim Allchin, to send a furious email of his own to company CEO Steve Ballmer. Allchin's email suggests the decision to lower the requirements was made in his absence by Ballmer, following 'a call between you and Paul [Otellini, Intel CEO].' 'I am beyond being upset here,' Allchin wrote to Ballmer. 'What a mess. Now we have an upset partner, Microsoft destroyed credibility [sic], as well as my own credibility shot.' Ballmer, in turn, blamed another Microsoft executive, Will Poole, in a rather erratically typed reply to Allchin."

AIX On the Desktop Is Getting the Boot 366

flnca writes "Today, I was playing with the thought again to purchase an AIX workstation one day when I can afford them, and I was surprised to see that IBM is going to give its IntelliStation POWER Series workstations the boot in January '09. A black day for AIX on the desktop. I really wonder what's the problem there, warehouse costs? IBM has a history of burying its best stuff (like OS/2 for instance). Some years ago, I enjoyed hacking away on an RS/6000 workstation running AIX 4.2, and it was a pure joy. Not only the kernel, but also the admin tools, like smit and smitty. Their blade-centric solution uses Windows as a client for workstation application. This truly sounds like IBM wants AIX only for servers anymore. I'm not amused. Although, eXceed on Windows with an XDCMP server running on AIX might also be a viable solution ... whatever. But it can't beat a native POWER box sitting on your desk, that's for sure."
The Internet

Craigslist Agrees With State AGs To Curb "Erotic Services" Ads 402

The New York Times reports that Craigslist has reached an agreement with 40 state attorneys general to tame its notoriously unruly "erotic services" listings. Clever diplomacy: according to the article, Craigslist "said that it will charge erotic services vendors a small fee for each ad — about $10, Mr. Buckmaster said — and require that they use a credit card for the payment. It will donate the money to charities that combat child exploitation and human trafficking. This, theoretically, will let the company confirm not just a phone number but also an identity." I hope they work on cleaning the weird spammers from the ordinary personal ads, too.

First Whole Cancer Genome Sequenced 115

dooling writes "A paper detailing the sequencing of the first human cancer genome will be published in the 6 November 2008 issue of Nature. This is not only the first cancer genome published, it is the first female genome as well. You can read the paper's abstract, DNA sequencing of a cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukaemia genome, or the story in Science News. This issue of Nature also has articles on the sequencing of the first African and Asian genomes. The sequencing in all three articles was done using the Illumina Genome Analyzer, one of the massively parallel, next-generation genome sequencing platforms."

Comment Re:No need for sarcasm, realism suffices (Score 1) 3709

If it makes you feel nice and comfy to remain in your little bubble of cluelessness (that you so evidently proved to all of us by the nonsense you wrote about diabetes)

My cluelessness about diabetes? More like yours. Type 2, otherwise known as adult onset, is overwhelmingly caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. 80 to 90%. Changing those things is pretty much the only cure. In nearly every case, adult onset diabetes is a self-inflicted disease. I give about as much pity to someone with type 2 diabetes as to someone with lung cancer due to smoking.

Comment Re:Delusional egomania. (Score 1) 3709

Do you REALLY think that you would be where you are today if you had all of that piled on you?

4 out of 5 (thankfully the only brain damage is self inflicted.) And yes, I am where I am because I had that shit piled on me in childhood.

Also, plenty of people come to this country without a dime in their pocket, unable to speak English and make it (despite the color of their skin and the rampant bias against them). If they can do it, anyone can.

Comment Re:This is, of course, nonsense (Score 1) 3709

Okay. Luck caused me to work hard. Luck caused me to be poor for a decade. Luck told me to eat cheap hot dogs and potatoes. Luck worked a shit, demeaning job 40 hours a week in addition to a full class schedule. Luck advised me that while my profession was honorable (a decade in life sciences) if I wanted to advance my lot in life, I needed to take initiative. Luck told me to save for a rainy day, even if it was only a few dollars a week - in fact - Luck advised me not to go to the movies or buy a playsation. Luck told me not to over extend myself. It's all Luck. Just last week, Luck also advised me not to upgrade my 7 year old computer even though I could easily afford it.

No. Luck, if anything, has not made me sick. I'll give you that. But very few people are truly sick to the point where they cannot work. You whine about health care? Most people run to the doctor for sniffles. Why do you need to go if you have a cold or the flu? I can't count the number of people I know that are on multiple prescriptions for bullshit ailments. Type 2 diabetes? Change your fucking diet. Fat? Stop shoving Big Macs in your snack hole and get some exercise. Got the flu or a cold? Suck it up, it'll be over in a few days. Seriously. Sore throat? Yeah, you really need $300 dollars worth of medical care to tell you that it will be gone in two days. Oh, by the way, here's some advil @ 3$ a tab. Health care is expensive for that reason. Take charge of your life.

Yeah Luck has spared me of cancer so far. Thanks.

Work expands to fill the time available. -- Cyril Northcote Parkinson, "The Economist", 1955