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Comment: Re:Wait... (Score 4, Insightful) 422

In the BC (Before Computers) era, if one wanted perfect privacy, they would remember things and not write them down. They would talk to each other in their own homes with security from government eavesdropping about ideas, politics, anything they felt like. The fifth amendment gave them the right to keep such things from government "oversight."

Now, there is more to remember and machines to help us do so. Should these modern aids help the individual or make the jobs of surveillance agencies easier?

Put another way, would anyone want their careless/drunk/drugged/lusty words used against them in a courtroom?

Comment: Re:kde5 (Score 2) 84

by Anna Merikin (#48790863) Attached to: KDE Frameworks 5.3 and Plasma 2.1 – First Impressions

people who grew up on kde 3 said the same about kde4 when it came out

Yes, I was one of the horde. Early iterations of KDE-4 were not as functional as the KDE3 later versions were. I adopted KDE4 very late (two years ago) and am still not comfortable with it. I am loath to even taste KDE5 until it is feature-rich and stable.

I have begun to miss blackbox...but that's another story.

Comment: Re:But ... but ... but (Score 2) 168

OPEC doesn't set the price, just output levels.

I was under the impression there is a relationship between supply and demand; now you say maintaining supply in the face of falling demand has no effect on price?

Or are you simply playing with words? "Set the price" being a function of "set the supply," I think even that argument fails.

Comment: Solution *for me* (Score 2) 464

I had a similar problem with bifocals. My optometrists and I settled on a pair of glasses for working on my desktop computer which were corrected to three feet, my usual distance from my monitor. I find they are also useful for reading off paper, too.

See your doctor for a single-vision prescription for the distance from which you use your monitor.

Comment: Re:Showfoto (Score 1) 259

by Anna Merikin (#48601091) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Software For Image Organization?

Truth be told, I don't use Showfoto/Digikam anymore since Showfoto's indexing only seems to work if the default directory is in /home/user; since I use a small SSD for my installation and a larger disk partition for data, it is of little use to me. I have switched to duplicating SD-card directory structure by date and depending on my human memory --- just the way I did for film.

Comment: Numbers Don't Lie, But -- (Score 4, Insightful) 160

by Anna Merikin (#48598649) Attached to: How Identifiable Are You On the Web?

Their sample size is 11-thousand. According to my results, 1-in-6 computers are running Linux!

This is absurd, unscientific to the extreme, fear-mongering.

In your example, based only on the statistics you provided, there were 11099x0.0109 or 120 people in the central time zone *in their sample*, which is the sample size of UTC-6 users.

Their data is useless.

In comparison, has almost 5-million in their database. This is somewhat more helpful.

Comment: Or -- (Score 1) 368

by Anna Merikin (#48542045) Attached to: Overly Familiar Sci-Fi

I'm not looking for authenticity. If I were, I'd be reading non-fiction.

Epic Poetry, or Medieval Romance novels or some other form of metaphor, which fosters what Aldous Huxley called the Perpetual Philosophy.

Some very few SF writers have been able to include cultural/philosophic themes in SF -- Huxley, Heinlein, Burgess and few others, as Twain was able to do in ordinary fiction/humor.

Don't expect genius from today's publishers.

There's no future in time travel.