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Comment Looks Great, Beware? (Score 1) 170 170

As the digital world quickly grows – from 4.4 zettabytes of digital data created in 2013 to an expected 44 zettabytes by 20204 – 3D XPoint technology can turn this immense amount of data into valuable information in nanoseconds. For example, retailers may use 3D XPoint technology to more quickly identify fraud detection patterns in financial transactions; healthcare researchers could process and analyze larger data sets in real time, accelerating complex tasks such as genetic analysis and disease tracking.

The final sentence quoted, I feel, should have "and government agencies seeking to search ever-larger datasets." amended.

Of course, no technological advance comes without danger of government overreach.

Comment Re:Future Shock (Score 1) 319 319

A thoughtful response. Organizations many times have a culture which embraces change and in other ones or times a "not invented here" psychology dominates. But I have no argument with your experience. I have no dog in this fight; I simply wanted to point out that this has been investigated in individuals before.

Comment Re:The. ignorance is strong in this one. (Score 1) 294 294

Part of your registration fee is a "Vehicle License Fee" [], which is a tax on the vehicle's value. Since it is a tax (and deductible from your federal taxes), the California State Franchise Tax Board probably uses its authority to automatically take it's money from your bank account directly.

You are exactly correct. My point is not the wretched excess power granted by these laws, but the insecurity of banking when governments are deeply in debt. Read the GP with this in mind; I was supporting his point that governments have the power to remove assets from bank accounts without permission or notice.

Comment Re:The. ignorance is strong in this one. (Score 1) 294 294

Governments (state and federal) in the US and doubtless other places in the world as well are able to tap into bank (and credit union) accounts for various reasons.

Two years ago, I moved from California to Oregon after retirement, taking my car and bike with me; I left my banking in San Francisco for convenience (not changing automatic payments, etc.). California withdrew my registration fees directly from my bank when they were overdue (the vehicles were "garaged" in Oregon at that time). I had no recourse.

Keeping your assets in a US bank is more risky, I judge, than keeping it in your wallet.

Comment Pocket Change (Score 1) 184 184

...(C)lips have a metal spring. This spring can have a coupling affect and change the radiation pattern of the phone.

Pockets and purses can have coins while backpacks can have lots of metal items. It really doesn't matter, though, as the damage likely, if any, has already been done.

Comment Not a Call for Insurrection at all! (Score 5, Insightful) 174 174

(D)o we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read? My answer to that question is: "No, we must not,"

Just ten or twenty years ago a sitting politician saying this in a "democracy" and expecting to keep his job would be unthinkable.

Comment Re:Victory for common sense! (Score 2) 91 91

Judge Hellerstein discussed "copyright trolls" and noted that (a) it is not clear that Malibu Media's porn products are entitled to copyright protection...

Normally, a judgment that a work is "pornographic" disallows copyright protection in the US, just as giving a prostitute money and not getting "relief" cannot be tried as a fraud in court. An illegal contract cannot be tried in court because it is illegal, therefore, unenforceable.

Some cases in some places have ended differently. IANAL.

Comment Re:LiFePO prices now competitive (Score 1) 214 214

That was 14.42 V with a failed Pb battery (internal short in one cell, apparently).

I dunno how this voltage regulator works, it being controlled (I think) by the bike's Motronic CPU (ECU). I just went out and started the bike and got a 13.81 V reading above 2500 engine rpm, with the new LiFePO4 battery installed, which, I believe, is insufficient to charge it. This was with a cold alternator (less than a minute after starting up) in a vehicle I know not to charge well until the electronics are warm.

I plan to do some more testing tomorrow morning, especially on the rest voltage (13.2 V with ignition, fuel pump and headlight working).

Meanwhile, I bought an IMax charger for it just in case....

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