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Comment: Re:What about long-term data integrity? (Score 1) 352

by ILongForDarkness (#48464169) Attached to: How Intel and Micron May Finally Kill the Hard Disk Drive

Admittedly you said NAS but if NAS really means a box sitting next to the powerful computer that needs that kind of throughput then Thunderbolt will do that for you 20Gbps currently. I suspect the issue is a north bridge south bridge type of thing. Well now the north bridge is really in the CPU for the most part but I/O still lives one step removed from the CPU. To fix that you need to use a pcie card or something for the network interface which means you effectively need the equivalent of a dual graphics card mobo worth of hardware just so that 5% of the time you actually need that 10Gbps throughput on the network interface you have it.

Comment: Re:What about long-term data integrity? (Score 1) 352

by ILongForDarkness (#48464091) Attached to: How Intel and Micron May Finally Kill the Hard Disk Drive

I think you are spot on. Back in the day of 100GB drives you could easily fill empty the drive several times a year. Even standard def video you'd go through 10GB of data a week easy (~350MB each so about 300 shows compacity). But now go up to 1080p say 1.6GB compressed using normal codex. You are looking at 1-2000 episodes on a disk. So your write/delete cycle is 3-6X less even at 1080p. For the vast majority of people using large storage that is what it is being used for. Yeah I know: "but I have a lot of photos". 1: even at say 10MB a pop do you really have THAT many photos (about 100 a day for 8 years to fill a 3TB drive)? 2: if you do .. and is this personal or business? Yeah a professional might create a lot of content but then storage is a cost of business not just a routine maintenance thing you have to do to organize your personal life.

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by sjames (#48463835) Attached to: Debian Votes Against Mandating Non-systemd Compatibility

I would say a complete inability to mount a degraded btrfs (which figures heavily in future plans) is hardly some obscure bug.

As for use something else, that's my intention. I gave systemd it's shot and it failed miserably. A bug like that shows that they aren't even trying to make the thing robust.

The question I asked about a workaround is a fairly fundamental thing to not know about systemd. That is, how to get it to run something needed to meet dependencies and how to get it to not run something.

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by tepples (#48460629) Attached to: The Man Who Made Tetris

He's right when it comes to games.

But not so much when it comes to the libraries that underlie games and the marketing of games. Though the free software community has so far failed to developer a business model for producing original games, it has excelled at producing infrastructure. EA's ports of Tetris to Android run on top of free libraries. Tetris Zone was first made for OS X, whose low-level components are based on Mach and FreeBSD. Tetris can be played over the Internet, and many TCP/IP stacks are based on the free TCP/IP implementation released by AT&T in 1989 as free software. Tetris has a Twitter account, and Twitter was originally written in the free language Ruby until it switched to the free language Scala. uses the CloudFlare CDN, which according to Netcraft runs Linux. Yet Mr. Pajitnov thinks all the free software on which his business depends "should never have existed".

I'm surprised you didn't ask [pastiche of my previous question patterns]

I've moved on. Best practice is "prototype your original game on PC first then talk to Sony", contacting is "@tetris_official will tell you what you need to know", and how same-screen Tetris works is "whatever BPS and its partners have put out on the latest console".

Comment: Vicarious infringement (Score 1) 131

by tepples (#48458749) Attached to: Kim Dotcom Regrets Not Taking Copyright Law and MPAA "More Seriously"

So he's being charged with some made up offense

Vicarious infringement is defined as profiting from infringements that you have power to stop. A policy of paying users who share infringing copies of popular files is pretty good evidence of profiting from infringement. Safe harbor laws such as OCILLA exist in many countries to protect site operators from having to pay excessive damages due to accidental vicarious infringement, but it appears Megaupload didn't take steps to qualify for these safe harbors.

which isn't a law anywhere.

What do you mean by "isn't a law"? New Zealand and the United States are common-law jurisdictions, which rely heavily on how previous judges have interpreted statutes.

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by tepples (#48458439) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack
First see if Disney offers a discount on a new copy with the exchange of a broken authentic disc. If not, a workaround is to find a decent adaptation of the same story not distributed by Disney. I can think of a half dozen versions of The Adventures of Pinocchio, and there are probably plenty of "Rapunzel" and "The Snow Queen" adaptations that aren't Tangled or Frozen. Yes, mockbusters exist; read reviews to avoid the worst. And when they get old enough, show them the other Tangled with Rachael Leigh Cook.

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admen don't trust webmasters on clickview counts reporting.

Then why do they trust Google and the other major ad networks on clickview counts reporting?

Putting an ad blocker or plugin click-to-play on top of hosts

Hosts are a ALSO valuable added layer of security!

That's what I was trying to imply. Adblock is a layer, and hosts is a layer.

+ - 'Sophisticated' Android malware hits phones ..->

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An anonymous reader writes "Hundreds of thousands of Android phones have been infected with malware that uses handsets to send spam and buy event tickets in bulk ..

NotCompatible is being spread via spam and websites seeded with booby-trapped downloads, he said and urged Android users to be wary of any app that required a security update to be installed before it was run ..."

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