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NASA Inspector General Lobs Big Rocks At Agency's Asteroid Hunting Program 31

Posted by samzenpus
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coondoggie writes Lack of money, management structure and staff are hampering NASA's ability to effectively identify and track comets, meteorites and asteroids that might threaten Earth. The space agency's Inspector General, Paul Martin, issued a scathing report this week that said while NASA's Near Earth Object program has done substantial work in identifying the sometimes massive rocks hurtling around the planet it is substantially behind in its goal of cataloging 90% of those 140 meters in diameter by 2020, among other issues.

ULA and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Announce Rocket Engine Partnership 18

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An anonymous reader writes During an event at the National Press Club, Bezos announced an agreement with Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance, the joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, to continue development of a new rocket engine for ULA's Atlas and Delta rocket lines. From the article: "Called BE-4, the engine has been in the works at Blue Origin for three years and is currently in testing at the company's West Texas facilities. ULA, founded in 2006, has supplied rockets to the US Department of Defense and NASA and will now co-fund the BE-4 project to accelerate its completion. The agreement is for a four-year development process with testing slated for 2016 and flight in 2019."

Comment: Re:illogical captain (Score 2, Insightful) 891

by GodWasAnAlien (#47900689) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

The distinction between an Agnostic and an Atheist does not serve any real purpose. Except, perhaps that the Agnostic is scared to admit their belief.

Instead of God, consider Bigfoot.

Atheist: Does not believe that Bigfoot exists. (reason: no proof)
Agnostic: Does not know if Bigfoot exists (though has no proof)
Theist: Believes Bigfoot exist (though has no proof)
Gnostic: Knows that Bigfoot exists (though has no proof)

The above list is ordered from most logical to least logical.

If there is actual scientific proof of Bigfoot/God, then perhaps we could reverse the list.

Comment: Re:Slashvertisement (Score 1) 182

by Zontar The Mindless (#47897987) Attached to: The MOOC Revolution That Wasn't

.... If even ONE person did it, it is not a failure. The fact that thousand of self-motivated, self-paced individuals take advantage of world-class education systems, all for free-- it's by definition a success.

Most people want their thinking and learning done for them. There is no magic cure for this, alas.

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