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Comment Re:Well... (Score 4, Informative) 156

Seriously, the past couple years it has reached the point where I'm questioning if half the things I'm reading online are even genuine, or just shilled marketing from some PR team to push an agenda or product. It's happened on imgur, on reddit, even 4chan. Nevermind the gawker media rags, gaming media, and even mainstream media. I wouldn't even be surprised if it has happened here. We've all probably seen it - these people we've never heard of who suddenly get mass exposure for no reason, or things that nobody would've given two shits about, but every network carries the story. (Hurr, is the dress black and blue or white and gold!?!)

It's like mass advertising has become mass propaganda, and there's nowhere you can go to escape it.

You're about a century late to the party. But better late than never.

Comment Re:When is Wikipedia going to block hovering edito (Score 1) 143

As someone who actually lived through the 1990s and who actually used Windows 3.1/3.1.1/95/NT3/NT4/2000, I find the quoted paragraph to be pretty much on the mark.

Instead of being all cutesy & stuff, how about explaining to us exactly how this represents "history being rewritten"?

Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 1) 229

We're approaching a point where the only winning move is not to pay; I predict many folks will soon cancel cable and Netflix, and just go back to torrents.

Go back to torrents...?

Some of us were smart enough to see the game for what is is and refused to play in the first place.

You are false data.